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PALRAM Polycarb


Doncaster based PALRAM Polycarb is a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic sheets for use in construction, industry, advertising and agriculture. The company is a significant consumer of electricity and commissioned Powerstar to design and install a voltage optimisation system to help them meet their objectives to reduce electricity consumption and lessen their carbon footprint.


PALRAM is a leading multinational manufacturer of semi-finished extruded thermoplastic sheets and finished products. PALRAM’s production and distribution presence in the UK functions as a logistics base for Europe and PALRAM Polycarb, based in Doncaster, is the company’s production plant of polycarbonate sheets.

PALRAM’s ongoing investment in state-of-the-art plant, machinery and technology, combined with in-house processes and product innovations, has created a culture of continual product and plant development. The company is also committed to the environment and has a long tradition of ecological protection at its manufacturing sites.


PALRAM Polycarb is a production plant for thermoplastic sheeting and as such runs a significant amount of heavy machinery with a high rate of electricity consumption. The company sought a solution that would meet three key criteria:

  1. To achieve cost savings through reduced electricity consumption
  2. To ensure machinery is run more efficiently
  3. To help reduce its carbon footprint


Powerstar is the only voltage optimisation system designed and manufactured in the UK and is the highest rated with an efficiency of 99.91%. At its heart the system lowers current and voltage harmonic distortions to reduce energy consumption and operating temperatures.

Following an extensive site survey Powerstar identified that the installation of a voltage optimisation unit would reduce electricity consumption by a minimum of 6%. Output would be maintained through the more efficient running of machinery and as less energy would be consumed the company would be promoting its commitment to the environment.


In the first six months following the installation of a Powerstar 1500kva voltage optimisation unit energy savings in excess of 180,000k were achieved at PALRAM Polycarb. This has enabled the company to reduce its energy consumption by over 6% and save some £18,000 in electricity costs.

With machinery running at the correct voltage and with harmonic distortions smoothed, maintenance costs will also be lowered. A real time monitoring system is a standard feature of all Powerstar units and this is enabling the company to take further steps on their own to reduce overall electricity consumption.


“With continual monitoring we expect to see savings in excess of the 6% guarantee – a great level of return on investment. We are now able to produce up to 50 tons more product with the same kWh usage and are well on track to achieve payback in 20 months which is quite phenomenal. Importantly, by reducing energy consumption, Powerstar is also helping PALRAM’s commitment to help conserve the environment.”

Matthew Healey

Technical Manager, PALRAM Polycarb

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