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Paragon Quality Foods Ltd


Paragon Quality Foods Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of quality burgers and doner kebabs to the food service and fast food sectors in the UK.

The factory, based in Doncaster, is one of the most modern and technologically equipped of its kind in Europe.


With production taking place all 52 weeks of the year and an annual load of over 3,700,000 kWh, Paragon Quality Foods Ltd were keen to better their energy management and reduce overall electricity usage.

With lean manufacturing and efficiency at the heart of their operations, to ensure the most competitive prices to their customers, they were looking for ways to improve their processes further to yield both a financial and environmental benefit.

As a company with a reputation for excellence, it was essential that any technologies implemented could be integrated without negatively impacting on business operations.


As Paragon Quality Foods Ltd owned their onsite transformer, Powerstar HV MAX was identified as a viable solution. The upgrade replaced any existing conventional transformers with a super-low loss amorphous core model, reducing transformer loss from the outset.

Secondly, the integrated electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation technology from Powerstar MAX will ensure significant savings to electricity consumption. This is achieved through optimising, cleaning, and conditioning the incoming power supply, which was recorded as high as 243.6V.

The Powerstar team delivered a concept to completion solution and remained flexible throughout the ensure no disruption was made to Paragon Quality Foods Ltd’s business operations.


Following the installation of Powerstar HV MAX, Paragon Quality Foods Ltd have exceeded their guaranteed energy saving and benefit from an overall energy saving of 12.3%, equating to an annual reduction of 462,882 kWh.

  • Annual consumption saving: 12.3%
  • Annual CO2 savings: 206.73 tonnes
  • Annual kWh saving: 462,883 kWh
  • Annual financial saving: £38,975
  • Voltage reduction: 15.5V
  • Payback period: 3 Years 3 Months

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