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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Patrington Haven Leisure Park






Patrington Haven Leisure Park is an award-winning 5-star caravan park based in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Set in 40 acres of beautiful countryside close to many award-winning beaches the park boasts numerous facilities including a fishing lake, bar, restaurant, heated indoor swimming pool, fitness centre and a multi–sports court.



The park is very keen on protecting the environment, as evidenced by the David Bellamy Gold Conservation award for the work they have done to protect and enhance the landscape around them, and was looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy. After consultations with PJD Electrical & Solar, the management team at the park decided to ask Powerstar to survey the site and recommend a solution.


The Powerstar team recommended that the park should replace their 1965 HV distribution transformer with the Powerstar HV MAX distribution transformer with integrated electronic voltage optimisation. Powerstar HV MAX solutions exceed the Eco Design 2021 efficiency specifications, providing a solution that provides greater returns on investment over the lifespan of the transformer.


Powerstar HV MAX Transformer provided the park with more than just an energy-efficient transformer to replace their older model. Replacing the old HV distribution transformer with a low loss amorphous core transformer delivered a more energy-efficient electricity supply. The integrated electronic voltage optimisation provides additional benefits of a stabilised, constant voltage output and further savings in electricity consumption.


Annual consumption savings

& An annual Financial Saving of


And Saving 144.2 TOnnes of CO2 Emissions

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