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Pegler Yorkshire


Pegler Yorkshire – market leaders in the fields of fittings, taps and valves – have two large extraction systems at its Doncaster facility that were heavy consumers of electricity and suffered motor failures from the high supply voltage within the company. Powerstar was commissioned to establish how voltage optimisation could reduce energy usage and increase the life expectancy of the motors.


Pegler Yorkshire is well known and respected as one of the leading manufacturers of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products in the world. Energy and water conservation is at the forefront of product development and, as a result, water and energy saving products are incorporated into the company’s range of products.

Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of Pegler Yorkshire’s corporate business strategy. The company’s objective is to achieve the manufacture and distribution of products to customers, in a manner that is responsible to the environment and in accordance with the appropriate legislation and codes of practice.


Peglers identified two extractor systems – MicroP 1 and MicroP 3 – at its Doncaster facility as being heavy users of electricity. In addition the company suffered with failures of the motors and a resultant shortening of life expectancy. The high voltage supply to the facility of up to 254V, which is above the G5/4 regulations, was suspected of being the cause.

Powerstar was commissioned to find out whether using voltage optimisation to achieve a 15v reduction in voltage to bring it in line with the G5/4 regulations would ensure that the motors operated at their optimum parameter and reduce the amount of energy consumption and cost of electricity bills.


Powerstar voltage optimisation reduces the incoming voltage into a building to more accurately meet the needs of equipment and machinery. It also is custom wound to meet the exact specifications of the site and is designed and manufactured in the UK. By reducing energy usage Powerstar also enables a company to lower its CO2 emissions and so lessen its carbon footprint.

The installation of Powerstar at Peglers achieved a voltage reduction by an average of 15V on the extractor motors. For the MicroP 1 extraction system after Powerstar was installed the average power consumption was reduced to 47.06kW (previously 53.22kW), the power factor increased to 0.88 from 0.83 while power demand fell from 64.1kVA to 53.9kVA.

Similarly for the MicroP 3 extraction system the data showed a reduction in average power consumption from 56.36kW before Powerstar installation to 46.72kW, an increase in the power factor from 0.66 to 0.70 and a reduction in power demand on the supply from 85.3kVA to 66.8kVA.


The resulting savings from the installation of Powerstar on MicroP 1 were 6.15kW or 11.56% and for MicroP 3 the savings were 9.28kW or 16.6%. Each extraction system operates for 7,000h a year which would result in annual savings in the region of 43,080kWh – equivalent to £2,800 on MicroP 1 and a 64,960kWh saving on MicroP 3 equating to a £4,222 yearly reduction.

Combined this reduced overall power consumption by 108,043kWh per annum or 46.4 tonnes of CO2 which represents an additional saving of £464 per year.

The direct result of the Powerstar installation is a saving of £7,486 per year (based on 6.5p/kWh).

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