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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Perrys Motor Dealer






Perrys is a leading motor dealer who represent a number of high-calibre brands including Vauxhall, Peugeot and Jaguar. The franchise is well known and has 40 dealerships over 26 locations nationwide.


Perrys are keen to adapt to meet the socio-economic demands associated with the motor industry and actively seek initiatives to lower their carbon footprint. To support their drive to reduce overall impact on the environment, the company rolled out an energy management programme across their whole network, to ensure maximum impact and benefits. As part of this programme, Perrys dealerships had their electricity and gas consumption patterns monitored, and audits carried out on each site. For the Aylesbury branch, the high incoming voltage levels and large annual electricity consumption resulted in voltage optimisation being recommended.


Pre-installation, the annual energy consumption of the branch was 492,710kWh. A Powerstar solution was installed on site to actively reduce incoming voltage, along with cleaning and conditioning the power supply. Due to it’s unique design it
also provides total phase balancing and filters harmonics from the supply. Powerstar appointed a dedicated project management to work with Perrys from concept to completion. This ensured the implementation of the voltage optimisation system was completed within the clients parameters and delivered optimum savings with no disruption to the business operations


The results from this voltage optimisation installation returned an 8% reduction in annual consumption. This is equivalent to 39,417 kWh each year


reduction in energy consumption

the consumption of this site has decreased by over

39,417 kWh

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