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Power resilience for a net zero world

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PFF Group





PFF general manager Lee Brydon

One of the UK’s largest food packaging specialists, PFF Group produce innovative packaging solutions for supermarkets and multinational food manufacturers. Sustainability is one of their core company values, and they approached Powerstar to deliver better power resilience at their Keighley plant with technologies that would also contribute to their ongoing sustainability improvements.

PFF are members of two global environmental inititatives, NEXTLOOPP and Operation Clean Sweep, focused on delivering better quality food grade plastics and ensuring that products do not end up in waterways respectively. Embracing their sustainability responsibilities was a key driver in PFF making the decision to invest in energy efficiency technologies.


Following a comprehensive site survey, Powerstar identified PFF Group’s aging transformers as a a potential power resilience risk, as well as an area where their energy efficiency could be significantly bolstered. Their existing transformers were replaced with Powerstar’s low-loss, amorphous core alternative, eliminating the risk of an aging transformer failing and compromising power supply across the site. Integrated voltage optimisation technology delivered further energy efficiency improvements, reducing energy costs and contributing to PFF’s sustainability strategy.

PFF Group

Customer Quote

“As a producer of sustainable packaging, PFF places great importance on using resources efficiently and this latest investment demonstrates that we take our carbon reduction commitments very seriously. Plastics continue to have a vital role to play in food production and our objective is to produce packaging that delivers the most sustainable solution when accounting for whole life costs – from production to transportation emissions, food waste and recyclability.

Carbon footprinting offers the most accurate assessment of the way our products impact on our planet. Therefore, reducing our carbon footprint is the biggest thing we can do to protect the environment.”

Lee Brydon, General Manager


Powerstar technologies delivered a 5% reduction in PFF’s overall carbon footprint for the site, as well as protecting their infrastructure and equipment from the risk of power disruption in the event of a transformer failure. Integrated voltage optimisation also prevents minor dips or spikes in incoming voltage from disrupting sensitive equipment.


reduction in carbon footprint

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