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Portland College


Portland College is a vibrant national college for people with disabilities and associated learning difficulties.


Portland College strive to develop every learner’s unimagined potential with a personalised programme that can include work experience and volunteering.

Environmental issues are particularly important to Portland College, and they take it upon themselves to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


Portland College implement, teach and recognise the importance of minimising their impact on the environment and actively seek to reduce carbon emissions through implementing energy efficient technologies and encouraging best practice in sustainability.

Portland College actively sought a transparent technology that would effectively reduce their carbon footprint, reduce their electricity costs and would do so efficiently, whilst also ensuring security and reliability.

Voltage optimisation was identified as a technology that fit this criteria.


Through a transparent enquiry process and a thorough evaluation and analysis procedure, the Powerstar team were able to reassure Portland College that the UK manufactured Powerstar voltage optimisation system was the ideal solution for their site.

Powerstar were able to demonstrate their capability within the education sector through previous installation reference points and the engineering focused, project led approach gave Portland College the confidence that the Powerstar team would implement the right engineering solution to provide maximum electricity savings and carbon reductions for their site.


Savings from Powerstar are 100% guaranteed, providing security to Portland College that their expected savings and return on investment would be met.

The guaranteed savings for the site were evaluated to be 8%.

Post install however, analysis of savings has revealed an 11.3% energy saving is being achieved, some 3.3% over the proposal figure.

The annual kWh figure not used totals 163,074 kWh, equating to 85.5 tCO2 and £12,591 in financial terms.


Powerstar has been the best investment we have made to reduce our electricity costs and makeportland-college pic 2 ongoing savings in the future, at a time when energy prices continue to rise.

The team at Powerstar are exceptional professionals and we would recommend their expertise and the Powerstar product to anyone one who wants to see genuine reductions in their electricity consumption and carbon emissions.

Quentin Colley

Vice Principal


Figure 1:Average consumption by half hour comparing pre and post Powerstar install

Figure 1 above shows the average consumption by half hourly periods pre and post Powerstar install at Portland College.

The blue line represents the average pre half hour period and the green line represents the post half hour period.

It is clear to see a distinct saving between pre and post Powerstar installation periods.

View the Case Study PDF Here


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