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Portland College





Portland College


Portland College is an independent specialist college that provides education and residential care for a wide range of students with severe physical or learning disabilities and people with physical or learning disabilities that wish to
participate in independent living programmes. The college has around 270 students and offers 113 residential placements in term time.


As the college not only offers education within the school day but has residential facilities there are students onsite throughout the day and night, the challenge for the Powerstar team was to arrange a thorough evaluation at time that would not disrupt the normal running of the college. Their goal was to reduce electricity costs and CO2 Emissions.


Following analysis of the site consumption and voltage profile, Powerstar recommended the installation of a 714kVA voltage optimisation system with a guaranteed 4.2% reduction.


After installation, a savings summary was carried out on a full year of electricity usage and the college are saving 11.3% on electricity consumption, exceeding the guaranteed amount. this equates to a kWh savings of 163,074 and an annual saving of 85.5 tonnes of CO2.

Annual electricity consumption savings of


reducing usage by 163,074 kWh & CO2 Emissions by 85.5 tonnes

Customer Testimonial

͞Powerstar has been the best investment we have made to reduce our electricity costs and make ongoing savings in the future, at a time when energy prices continue to rise.

The team at Powerstar are exceptional professionals and we would recommend their expertise and the Powerstar product to anyone one who wants to see genuine reductions in their electricity consumption and carbon emissions

Quentin Colley, Vice Principal, Portland College

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