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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Case Studies

Punch Taverns






One of the UK’s leading pub companies, with a portfolio of over 3,300 pubs across its leased and managed estates.


Punch Taverns developed a carbon strategy with ambitious aims to reduce CO2 emission levels throughout the group. Along with empowering individual pub managers to make decisions on green issues, the company also set up an energy efficiency support centre at the Burton-Upon-Trent head office.

Powerstar were invited to the head office to discuss the viability of voltage optimisation for the groups pubs. Following a thorough analysis and evaluation of several pubs under the groups management, it was identified that reductions in carbon emissions as a result of Powerstar would make a positive and cost-efficient contribution to the group’s carbon strategy.

The offer of 100% guaranteed savings, and the reassurance of supplying a British manufactured system gave Punch the confidence to agree a 2 year project, installing Powerstar into 120 of the chains most viable sites nationwide.


The multi-site roll out project was managed by a dedicated Powerstar account manager, who liaised closely with Punch Taverns throughout the project. Powerstar remained flexible, ensuring units were installed with no disruption to the operations at each pub site.


The installation dates were scheduled around business demands to suit the individual pub managers requirements, and a thorough site evaluations were carried out to ensure each unit was tailored for each pub. This was based on the voltage profile, electrical characteristics and any size or location restrictions at the pub.

The pubs achieved an average of a 15% saving in electricity consumption accross the multiple installations


Average annual reduction in energy consumption.

Customer Testimonial

“We are absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with Powerstar. Our carbon strategy comprises a wide range of green initiatives and award-winning training programmes to ensure that we are all behind our key aim to give something back to our environment through minimising waste, recycling, reducing energy wastage and ensuring our employees, pub teams and licensee partners all understand both the business and ecological benefits to effective carbon management. Powerstar helps us achieve this reduction of energy waste”

Rachel King, Carbon Manager, Punch Taverns

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