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Purification Products


West Yorkshire based Purification Products Ltd is a world leading innovator and manufacturer of high performance filtration and purification materials. The company has been proactive in cutting its electricity usage of non-productive items such as lighting and heating but now sought a solution from Powerstar to reduce its electricity consumption and lower CO2 emissions by optimising the incoming voltage to the site.


Formed in the early 1960’s Purification Products has pioneered and patented a unique way of incorporating active powders into materials to help companies all over the world purify, clean and filter liquids, vapours and gases. Purification Products incorporates active powders into textile, board and foam type substrates, resulting in materials that are both clean and easy to handle.

Twice winners of the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement, Purification Products is ISO 9001-200 certified. It is a preferred supplier to many large international companies and undertakes specialised testing in accordance with specific needs.


Powerstar was challenged to demonstrate to Purification Products Limited that its voltage optimisation system could make a significant reduction to the company’s electricity consumption and CO2 emissions without having a detrimental effect on the plant and machinery. The solution would also have to enhance the organisation’s existing efforts to reduce electricity consumption of its non-productive items, for example lighting and heating.


A Powerstar 350kVA system was installed at Purification Products to effect a 7% voltage optimisation and a reduction of 23% in the total electricity consumption at the site. The online Monitoring and Targeting tool that is a standard feature of every Powerstar system is also enabling the company to keep track of electricity consumption in the non-productive areas and assist with efforts to save energy.


A 23% reduction in total electricity consumption was attained. This represented a financial saving of £12,000 per annum and a reduction of 90.9 tonnes in CO2 emissions. The Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) in kWh/Kg was also reduced by 23%.


“We have always strived to minimise the use of electricity and gas at our company, however most of our efforts related to non-productive items, such as lighting and heating. The installation of the Powerstar system has reduced our total electricity consumption by almost a quarter (23%) and we are absolutely delighted.”

Quentin Mackenzie

Managing Director, Purification Products

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