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Queizuar, S.L.


Queizuar, S.L. started out as a family run business producing artisan cheeses. The company has grown from processing 300 litres of milk per day in 1987 to processing more than 12,000,000 litres annually.

Queizuar, S.L. is a market leader in the production of Arzúa-Ulloa type cheese, which is supplied under the brands BAMA and PUNTEIRO to the main supermarket chains and national food stores across Spain.

The company is currently undergoing an expansion process to meet the growing demand for its products.


One of the main objectives of the company is to further the business’ environmental sustainability.

Energy reductions have already been achieved by the installation of a number of sustainable technologies including: solar thermal energy, biomass boiler, recovery of residual heat from cooling plants, pasteurizer, purification systems and the latest water treatment solutions. However, due to a large amount of on-site specialist equipment used in the manufacturing process, Queizuar, S.L. were looking for ways to reduce annual energy consumption to minimise the site’s running costs, as well as reducing CO2 emissions in the process.


Powerstar carried out a full assessment of the electricity consumption and voltage profile and, due to the instability of the voltage supplied to the site, recommended the installation of a ‘Proof of Concept’ (PoC) Powerstar MAX 400kVA electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation system.

PoC units offer a risk free solution to the client due to a deferred payment, which only occurs following independent Measurement & Savings Verification (M&V) once the guaranteed savings are verified.


The Powerstar MAX is stabilising and reducing the incoming voltage by an average of 16.1V. This is providing an optimal level that matches the site’s unique requirements.

A full M&V analysis revealed that the guaranteed 8% annual consumption savings were exceeded.

As well as an annual energy saving of 98,000kWh, the installation of the voltage optimisation solution will also reduce the wear and tear of the specialist equipment on site caused by the overvoltage.

  • Annual consumption saving: 8.9%
  • Annual kWh saving: 98,000kWh


“In addition to the energy savings we emphasize that both the operational and the installation did not interfere with our manufacturing process. It was simple and efficient.“

Benigno Pereira,
General Manager, Queizuar S.L.

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