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Quorn Foods






Quorn Foods was founded in 1985 with its headquarters in North Yorkshire. The company operates five sites internationally and has a simple goal: to bring people delicious and exciting food that is good for them and good for the planet.


Environmental sustainability is driven within the organisation via its Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy, which prioritises improvements relating to Greenhouse Gas emissions, water use, waste and responsible sourcing. Key to this is ensuring production processes are as efficient as possible.

As a company with a large reputation for excellence, it was imperative that Quorn Food’s business operations were not disrupted during the installation.


Following a review of the Quorn Foods site in Billingham, two incoming supplies were identified which would benefit from replacing the existing on-site distribution transformers.

Powerstar offered a perfect solution to lower electricity consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and minimise energy costs through its HV MAX amorphous core distribution transformer with integrated voltage optimisation solution.

Replacing the existing, inefficient transformers with Powerstar HV MAX systems increases the efficiency of their high-voltage infrastructure, and a reduction in voltage produces significant reductions in energy consumption.


After the installation of two transformers, consumption on the site was reduced by 10.2% annually. As well as offering far better efficiency than their aging transformer fleet, significantly cutting down on carbon emissions, new Powerstar transformers also eliminate a potential failure point that could severely impact operations if a transformer were to fail.

Additionally, Quorn Foods are benefitting from a combined reduction in carbon emissions by 365 tonnes, and an annual saving in electricity costs of £71,843.


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