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Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College






Richmond & Hillcroft Adult Community College (RHACC) in London is a centre of learning that offers students the opportunity to extend their existing skills and acquire new ones. The College is a keen proponent of environmental issues and asked Powerstar to demonstrate how better voltage management could both reduce electricity use and improve their carbon footprint.

The College is dedicated to providing the resources that enable adults to unlock their talent and fulfil their potential through learning, skills and enterprise. RHACC offers approximately 2000 courses in 14 (out of 15) of the Sector Subject Areas that define the further education sector. These courses range in level from basic skills to postgraduate. In addition, the College offers a programme of events, exhibitions, performances and leisure activities.

The College has an excellent reputation for high quality teaching, learning and effective assessment. It provides an impressive array of student support services across its two main sites; these include free access to Information Technology in its Learning Centres and a crèche for under 5’s. Courses are provided onsite during the day, in the evenings and at the weekend.


RHACC actively promotes sustainability and eco-friendly practices and has already worked with the Carbon Trust to reduce its carbon footprint. As part of its green commitment the College recently updated its heating systems at the Parkshot site. Its Clifden new build will achieve BREEAM Excellent rating and will incorporate recycling and sustainable energy strategies.

Against this backdrop the College called in Powerstar to assess the energy use on both sites and to ascertain whether voltage optimisation could help to on energy costs and make a further contribution to reducing RACC’s carbon footprint.


Powerstar reduces electricity consumption by lowering the incoming voltage to more efficiently meet the demands of the equipment on site. Voltage regulation also provides a more reliable level of voltage to on-site equipment, preventing disruption from sags, spikes, or drops in voltage.

For Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College, following a site survey, the solution was to install a Powerstar LITE 210kVA unit at two of its sites.


A key additional benefit of voltage regulation is that it comes with an online monitoring and targeting tool. This enables the College to monitor its overall energy usage in real-time and take further steps to reduce consumption. Often, this monitoring can flag up simple steps to save money on energy, such as turning off lights and equipment routinely when not in use. It also gives greater overview of any potential issues with supply and resilience, allowing them to be resolved before they result in disruption.

Overall, the new technology reduced energy consumption by 16% on average. Such a significant reduction in consumption also saw tangible impact on both their overall utility costs and net carbon footprint.


Average reduction in consumption annually

Customer Testimonial

“Our electricity usage has dropped on average by 16% since the installation of the voltage regulation units. Overall, we are very pleased with the service provided by Powerstar.”

Monika Quayle, Corporate Services Administrator, Richmond Adult Community College

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