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Royal Hallamshire Hospital






Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is one of the UK’s largest NHS Foundation Trusts with of the largest and busiest teaching hospitals. They employ over 15,000 staff, caring for over a million patients each year at their five hospitals and in the local community.

The Royal Hallamshire Hospital is one of the five local community hospitals run by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals are committed to becoming a more sustainable Trust and with it reducing their carbon footprint and its impact on climate change.

The Trust are running a project called ‘Be Green’ which ensures their staff’s ideas are put into practice to help their hospitals and offices operate in a more environmentally friendly way.


Royal Hallamshire Hospital aim to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment in as many ways as possible. As part of the ‘Be Green’ campaign, the Trust encourage staff and the local community to help advise on energy saving initiatives.

Although the Trust welcome new ideas, they also have to ensure that any measures do not compromise their energy resilience. As with all healthcare providers, ensuring critical equipment has a constant, reliable supply of power is critical.

All energy saving initiatives which the Trust invest in must also be tried, tested and have a good ROI. Given they are a 24/7 operation, the Trust must also ensure that energy saving measures do not interfere with the normal working operations of the Hospital.


Powerstar voltage optimisation has been successfully incorporated into over 6000 carbon reduction strategies. With proven experience with the NHS, Powerstar has extensive experience of the typical equipment and energy loads used within the healthcare sector.

The installation process of Powerstar equipment ensures that the hospital’s vital day-to-day operations are not impacted. Once installed, Powerstar effectively reduces carbon output whilst also reducing energy costs and bolstering the site’s power resilience.


The installation of Powerstar voltage regulation at Royal Hallamshire Hospital achieved a 5.1% energy saving as well as a reduction in the power demand from the grid of 11.57%.

Aside from reducing the Trust’s carbon footprint, voltage regulation also increases the life expectancy of electrical equipment and reduces maintenance costs.

The 11.57% reduction in kVA is due to the significantly improved power factor, which is improved from an average of 0.851 to 0.925 with the system installed.


reduction in energy consumption



Reduction in kVA
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The healthcare sector has by far the most critical requirement for a consistent, reliable electricity source.


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