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Environmental commitment is one of the many tasks that St Hild’s School has on their agenda. As keen ambassadors of energy efficiency and an emphasised willingness of reducing their environmental impact the School has undertaken a number of strategies by means of making a difference within both the School itself and across the wider community.


St Hild’s Secondary School of Hartlepool is home to approximately 900 students. As a specialist engineering school, St Hild’s follows a strict engineering approach across its curriculum, the investigating, creating, innovative process, communication and evaluation at St Hild’s is valid across many areas of learning. With such a distinct specialist status, St Hild’s has benefited from dedicated investment in terms of a range of high tech equipment and advanced teaching methods.


As part of St Hilds’s mission of reducing their environmental impact, through both their own commitment and their participation within the CRC scheme the school have themselves identified environmental aspects which they need to improve on. Evolving from the Eco Design Challenge, year 8 students at St Hild’s identified that in order to improve the eco problems in their school they needed to effectively reduce the energy output of the School.

As a school dedicated to engineering, St Hild’s sourced an energy reducing technology that inhabited engineering expertise which delivered results of the highest efficiency.

Powerstar were challenged as to how they would meet the needs and expectations garnered in actively reducing the schools carbon footprint whilst at the same time adhering to the finest engineering approach available.


Aside of Powerstar’s reputation as being a creditable, well used energy reducing voltage optimisation system, it is also popularly recognised as being an expertly designed engineered solution.

With over 150 years combined experience in design and manufacturing, the engineered led approach involved within the making of Powerstar has delivered unrivalled results in energy management.

Each Powerstar unit is built according to the specification of each individual site giving every customer the guaranteed assurance that they are getting the most appropriately efficient unit for their site.


The installation of Powerstar at St Hilds’ School of engineering will reduce energy consumption by 9.2% which is a 49,663kWh and 27.1 tonne reduction in CO2. Such a reduction will also save the school £325 in CRC tax payments equating to a £4,795 financial saving.


As a Church of England school with a strong commitment to the environment and an Engineering specialism St Hild’s prides itself on opportunities to bring these areas together. EMS Powerstar has allowed us to do that with the most up to date engineering technology specifically designed to reduce our carbon emissions and make our school more energy efficient.

It’s a win win situation. The savings are immediately evident and will allow us to invest more of our money into the learning and progress of our students.

Thank you from all at St Hild’s.

Colin Reid, Headteacher

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