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Stoba Prazisionstechnik UK Ltd


Stoba is a mass manufacturer and supplier of metallic parts and high-quality components to the automotive industry that operates internationally. Due to the high value of the products that are manufactured, exceptional levels of quality and efficiency are required. This means that any interruptions to the site’s power supply can have operationally and financially damaging consequences. Therefore, heightening supply resilience was of significant importance to Stoba.


After a thorough site survey and analysis of the site requirements, Powerstar recommended the installation of a 1MW VIRTUE Battery Energy Storage
System (BESS) with integrated voltage regulation and full site-wide seamless Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities. The full UPS capabilities of Powerstar’s VIRTUE provides a rapid responding site-wide backup and keeps the site running without interruption even when blackouts and brownouts occur in the region, protecting against costly supply failures interrupting critical business operations.


The Powerstar VIRTUE system, installed in 2018, is providing the site with an optimised voltage output due to the integrated voltage regulation technology, which reduces the electricity consumption and costs of the site. In addition to this, the full UPS capabilities have increased the supply resilience of the site and negated costly interruptions to the manufacturing process. Stoba further benefitted as there was no further requirement to adjust settings on machinery due to the electronically regulated voltage which was integrated into the VIRTUE solution.


The graphs below illustrate that load power was not interrupted during the changeover to batteries that occurred due to an energy failure on the site.


                                                          Supply active power


                                                             load active power



The following photos were taken following installation of the VIRTUE solution at Stoba.



View the Case Study PDF Here


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