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Stock Brook Golf & Country Club


Stock Brook Country Club is a luxurious Manor House based in Essex. As a keen promoter of sustainability, Stock Brook were determined to implement strategies which could deliver comprehensive savings.


The Manor House, set in the picturesque village of Stock, Essex, really is a charming venue. Boasting a range of sporting and leisure facilities, Stock Brook is popular for weddings, conferences, parties and sporting tournaments. The venue is spread across a 250 acre estate making them one of the first choices for venue hire for many major events.


With such a spacious venue hosting numerous facilities, Stock Brook Country Club was aware of the impact that their resources were having on the environment and sought a reliable solution to reduce their energy consumption. The Country Club hosts prestigious events right throughout the year so reliability and security of equipment, facilities and services was essential.

As a UK manufacturer of voltage optimisation, Powerstar was sourced for the guaranteed product quality and the acclaimed engineering approach, which would ensure the best results for the site.


The turnkey solution offered by the Powerstar team ensured that not only would Stock Brook Country Club reduce their carbon footprint but would also achieve this with no detrimental affects to the facilities and service offered to visitors.

Installation was arranged to suit the venue so as not to impact on business operations and guaranteed savings were offered to certify the savings that would be delivered through Powerstar.


Stock Brook are set to achieve savings of 4.3% since installing the Powerstar voltage optimisation system.

The annual reduction in electricity consumption for Stock Brook Country Club is 53,634kWh.

Financially, the Powerstar installation is delivering a £3,649 annual saving.


Figure 1: Average consumption by half hour comparing pre and post Powerstar install



The above graph shows the average consumption by half hourly periods from pre and post Powerstar install one year apart at Stock Brook Country Club. The blue line represents the average consumption pre Powerstar installation and the green represents average consumption post install.

The graph clearly shows a distinct difference in energy consumption since Powerstar was installed.

View the Case Study PDF Here


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