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System 3 Ltd


System 3 Ltd is recognised as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high specification double-glazed units for both domestic and commercial applications.


The company were looking to upgrade their HV infrastructure by replacing two existing HV transformers on site (TX2 & TX3).

As a site with an annual load of close to 6,000,000 kWh System 3 Ltd were also looking for ways to reduce overall annual electricity usage.

As a company with a reputation for excellence at all levels from initial design, through to manufacture and delivery it was essential that any technologies implemented could be integrated without negatively impacting on business operations.


Powerstar HV MAX was identified as an ideal solution for System 3 Ltd, providing a combined solution to the two problems faced.

Firstly, it will allow the company to upgrade their HV infrastructure; replacing the inefficient, conventional transformers with a super-low loss amorphous core models.

This upgrade will significantly reduce transformer losses (both iron and copper losses), providing the site with a more efficient and cost effective transformer.

Secondly, the integrated electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation technology from Powerstar will ensure that significant electricity consumption savings are made in addition to those from upgrading the transformer through optimising, cleaning and conditioning the incoming power supply.

The Powerstar team offered a full concept to completion, turnkey solution and remained flexible and proactive throughout to ensure the project was implemented with no disruption to System 3 Ltd’s business operations.


Following the installation of Powerstar HV MAX, System 3 Ltd are set to benefit from overall energy savings of 10.9%, equating to an annual reduction of 640,511kWh.

Along with significant reductions in energy consumption and increase in efficiencies of the HV infrastructure System 3 will benefit from reductions in carbon emissions of over 300 tonnes and significant financial savings of almost £60,000 per year.

  • Actual annual consumption savings: 10.9%
  • Annual kWh saving: 640,511 kWh
  • Tonnes of CO2 saved: 317.92
  • Annual financial savings: £59,055

View the Case Study PDF Here


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