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TEAM precision Pipe Assemblies


TEAM Precision Pipe Assemblies aims to provide cost effective tube and assembly solutions for a wide variety of fluid and air carrying systems.

The company based in Carmarthenshire, Wales recognised the benefits that voltage optimisation will bring them in terms of reducing electricity consumption, lowering overall energy costs and cutting the size of their carbon footprint.


TEAM specialise in tube manipulation and advanced pipe assemblies. They are a leading supplier of air conditioning tubes, assemblies and hose assemblies for the automotive and refrigeration industry.

TEAM Supply to tier 1 automotive suppliers in both European and Japanese car markets. The company was founded in 1994 and has grown substantially.


TEAM is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions from the use of electricity and is continually looking to find new ways to use energy more efficiently.

The site had an annual electricity consumption of 809,079kWh. Based on an average tariff of 8.3p/kWh (including CCL), the electricity cost is calculated at £63,265 per year.

The largest energy consumption areas on site include: Switch start fluorescent tubes, production Machinery (benders, saws, lathes, mills etc), compressors and small power devices.


The Powerstar voltage optimisation system works by optimising the voltage supplied by the National Grid – which typically averages 242 volts – to a reduced level in line with a sites operating requirements.

Powerstar presented through their technical expertise and minimum fuss approach the ideal engineering solution for TEAM, and after a site survey a 300kVa Powerstar system was installed.


The installation of the Powerstar provided the site, based on Parc Hendre Industrial Estate in Ammanford with a reduction in annual energy consumption of 69,821kWh (8%).

The system provided a pay-back period of 3-4 years, with annual electricity bill savings of £5,788. Further to the financial benefits, the installation also saw the site reduce its CO2 emissions by 38 Carbon Tonnes per annum.


“In October 2010 TEAM Precision Pipe Assemblies Ltd installed a 300kva rated Powerstar system in order that the company could reduce its overall electricity consumption for the site.

Initial indications have shown that the incoming electricity voltage has dropped from an average of 242 volts supplied directly from the National Grid to a current level of 224 volts via usage of the Powerstar system. Based on the results so far the 8% drop in voltage consumption is on target to realise the payback savings used in the original project justification”

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