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The client is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the UK and is based in London.


As a result of its activities, the company was very energy-intensive and looking for ways to reduce its energy consumption. Additionally, the company was looking to electrify its fleet and required the charging capability to do this whilst keeping operations stable, making VIRTUE EV a perfect fit. As the area in which it operated within was heavily constrained, the network couldn’t support the rapid charging facilities required by the company.


After extensive surveys at the two sites it was decided that they would both benefit most from a VIRTUE EV system with a 100A 3 phase supply.


The VIRTUE EV solution, installed in 2017, is providing the site with the ability to rapidly charge its fleet of electric vehicles. It is also benefiting from the general benefits of Powerstar VIRTUE such as an optimised voltage output, ability to access additional revenues through grid contracts and supply resilience with peace of mind through its UPS capabilities.

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