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TenCate, UAE


TenCate Grass Middle East is a division of Royal TenCate, a Dutch multinational company which develops and produces solutions which are sold worldwide for the protection of people and their environment.


TenCate Grass divison, the world market leader in synthetic fibres and components is perfectly positioned to supply the ideal solution for any sport surface, whatever the sport. With their extensive range of components they manufacture products specifically for a range of sports, including soccer, American football, hockey, tennis and golf.


As a multinational company, TenCate is aware of the effect that its actions have on the social environment and hence pursues an active policy of operating as environmentally responsibly as possible.

Tencate’s challenge was to reduce the electricity consumption levels used by the company in order to lessen its carbon footprint and to reduce their energy spend.


TenCate employs environmental coordinators to work with local authorities to conduct periodic checks which ensure all measures have been taken to eliminate risks to the environment.

Having actively scoured appropriate energy saving technologies, voltage optimisation quickly became appealing to TenCate.

Powerstar voltage optimisation discretely lowers a premises’ voltage in line with the electrical needs of that particular building effectively lowering carbon emissions and electricity costs.

Following a site visit by Powerstar engineers, TenCate decided to install a 1500KVA system on the panel feeding mainly their production line and a range of motors.


Following the installation of Powerstar at TenCate, the following results were achieved:

  • Savings of Kwh achieved: 8.7%
  • Guaranteed Savings was: 6.8%
  • Tonnes of CO2 emission reduced per annum: 462.5 tonnes


We were promised 6.8% min.savings on the Main LV Panel and based on the two weeks comparison, the LV panel has shown an 8.7% reduction in consumption. Just to add that we will keep monitoring the LV panel consumption for a longer period (6 months or 1 year), in order to identify the exact percentage of saving achieved.

Ian Brogaard

Engineering & Safety Manager

Tencate Grass Middle East

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