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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Tetra Pak CPS Ltd






Tetra Pak is a leading provider of packaging, capital equipment and turnkey systems to the food industry and other sectors which supplies many household names.

Tetra Pak CPS Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tetra Pak and manufactures cheesemaking equipment. Their total capacity is up to 12 metric tonnes/hour for dairy customers worldwide. This high-volume production makes them particularly prone to energy disruption events.

The company operates from a purpose-built factory based in Sherborne, Dorset. It has 80 employees and a long history of manufacturing food processing plants and cheesemaking equipment.


Due to Tetra Pak CPS Ltd’s sustainability-focussed ethos, the facility wanted to explore opportunities to reduce its environmental impact and energy consumption. It was vital that any solution was also able to bolster power resilience and wouldn’t disrupt their high-volume production.


Voltage optimisation technology was identified as a viable solution that would meet their aims, in addition to providing energy cost reductions. Following a full site survey and evaluation, it was found that the site’s average incoming was significantly higher than required.

As the majority of electrical equipment in the UK is designed to work optimally at around 220V, the excessive voltage added unnecessary wear and tear to the equipment, leading to a shortened lifespan. In addition, the overvoltage was leading to a significant amount of wasted energy. Changing voltages also made the site more susceptible to energy disruptions such as sags and spikes that could interrupt production.


To address the site’s unstable voltage profile, Powerstar installed a Powerstar VO-MAX voltage regulation solution. This ensures consistent, stable voltages are provided for on-site machinery. By reducing overall voltage supply by an average of 22.1V, the technology saves the site over 10% of their energy consumption annually. Lower consumption subsequently means lower bills and better sustainability performance, as well as protecting the site from the risk of disruption.


Annual reduction in energy consumption


“Powerstar identified waste that we did not think we had. They diligently overcame issues during commissioning and have provided us with a fault free system that saves what they promised.”

Mark Boxall, Managing Director, Tetra Pak CPS Ltd

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