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West Yorkshire based TEV Limited – the long established manufacturer of air conditioning equipment and market leader in residential renewable heating systems – takes a proactive approach to environmental issues. The company sought to reduce its CO2 emissions by cutting back on the amount of electricity consumed and asked Powerstar to provide a solution.

The Customer

The environment is a high priority for TEV and the company is actively committed to playing its part in conserving the World’s resources. In response to this commitment TEV gained the BS EN ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for the company in 2006.

Energy efficiency is a key focus in all product development at TEV and the company has a range products and units that are therefore energy efficient, use renewable energy and have much lower carbon emissions compared to traditional heating systems.

The Challenge

In addition to producing energy efficient products TEV is also committed to making its own production facility operate as efficiently as possible. An integral part of this is the company’s wish to cut the amount of energy consumed in the factory. A measurement of the average daily consumption at the factory revealed a total kWh of 857.8kWh in the test period. Initial indications showed that voltage optimisation could save 14% of the total electricity supply.

The Solution

Two Powerstar units creating a 125kVA system were installed at TEV to optimise the incoming supply to the factory.

As a result an actual reduction in electricity consumption of 17.8% was achieved.

The Business Benefits

Following the Powerstar installation at TEV Ltd the average daily consumption was measured over a 10 working day period. The average total had fallen to 704.9kWh, a saving of 153kWh per day or 17.8%.

TEV has also lowered CO2 emissions and Powerstar is helping the company meet its CCL (Climate Change Levy) targets.

Quotation from Customer

”The installation of the Powerstar systems has cut our energy cost by nearly 20%.
This is another positive step in TEV’s continuing commitment to the 14001 accreditation.”

Chris Chisman
Engineering Manager, TEV Limited

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