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Power resilience for a net zero world

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The Ice Co






The Ice Co Storage and Logistics is a specialist storage and logistics company with five sites across the UK. Founded in 1860, they are the sister company of Europe’s largest ice manufacturer and distributor, the Ice Co.


Temperature controlled storage is at the heart of everything this customer does. Power resilience and reliability is essential to their day-to-day operations to ensure that equipment and storage maintained specific required temperatures at all time. The distribution and storage of ice also brings with it uniquely high-power consumption, meaning that any steps that could be taken to reduce overall electricity costs were also important.


Powerstar carried out a full site evaluation, including examining all logged power data and half-hourly meter readings for the company’s headquarters. Examination of this data found that voltage optimisation would provide an ideal solution, reducing overall power consumption while reducing the risk of their sensitive storage and distribution requirements being impacted by power disruption.


A bespoke voltage optimisation system was developed for the site, commissioned to closely match on-site electrical characteristics to ensure optimum savings. Once installed, voltage regulation was able to deliver a total reduction in annual electricity consumption of 14.74%, providing a saving of £7,124 per annum.

14.74% annual reduction in consumption

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