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The Ice Co


The Ice Co regards environmental management as a fundamental part of their business. Joining the EU-DEEP Project which is a highly regarded energy management initiative in 2008, Seguro Logistics has since continued to scope out other energy efficient opportunities by means of actively reducing their carbon footprint.


Providing temperature controlled supply chain solutions to suppliers in the food service, Seguro Logistics operate circa 50,000 pallet spaces of cold storage from three locations based in Yorkshire and Lancashire.


The Ice Co not only label themselves as controlled supply chain solutions but also as part of a community who strive to reduce carbon emissions in the most environmentally friendly manner. Powerstar were challenged to prove how their UK manufactured voltage optimisation system was capable of delivering considerable energy savings whilst at the same time causing no disruption to the smooth running of the business.

Powerstar was chosen due to proven results and reliability of the systems gained from over 10 years of successful installations.


As the operations encountered at The Ice Co include the storage and distribution of food, The Ice Co required a solution that was of the highest efficiency on the market with known records for credibility. Powerstar’s record of unrivalled performance in head to head trials against competitor systems proved to The Ice Co that the system was the best solution for their site.

Following a free of charge site survey, data logging and half hourly meter reading analysis at The Ice Co, the analysed data showed that guaranteed savings of 8.9% were to be established.

Furthermore, Powerstar’s installation records across a number of cold storage establishments gave Seguro added piece of mind in regards to reliability of voltage optimising equipment and alas diminished their fears of disruption to normal procedure at the site.


Following installation of Powerstar at The Ice Co (Cold Store 1), energy savings of 14.74% have been realised at the site. Powerstar is delivering far in excess of the 8.9% savings guaranteed in the proposal through the achieved savings of 14.74%.

The reduction in energy consumption will also save Seguro £7,124 on their annual electricity bill with no adverse affects on performance or operation of equipment.


Figure 1: 84 Day HHD Comparison Pre & Post Installation

The above graph shows the actual consumption pre install and post install of Powerstar at The Ice Co. The blue line represents the actual consumption pre Powerstar installation and the pink represents actual consumption post install.

This graph clearly depicts the energy reduction established comparable from 84 days before Powerstar was installed and 84 days with Powerstar installed.

Since the install of Powerstar at The Ice Co there has been no disruption to business whatsoever, rather more life expectancy of equipment and reduced maintenance costs have become apparent meaning The Ice Co can store, manufacture and distribute for longer periods than before and most importantly within a more energy efficient nature.

View the Case Study PDF Here


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