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The Palais Hotel, Australia


The Palais is a newly renovated family hotel offering some of the most stylish and modern facilities along the Adelaide coastline. Being in a beachside location, the Palais is a popular spot and has approximately 100 staff and a turnover of £4.1 million.


As a popular hotel along the southern Australian coastline in the suburb of Semaphore, South Australia, the Palais Hotel has a high 24×7 energy usage from on-site equipment and appliances such as refrigeration, computers, HVAC and pokies.

The hotel was looking to reduce its electricity costs and lessen its impact on the environment without the use of invasive technologies that could affect the guest experiences or cause major disruption to business operations. Voltage optimisation in hospitality allows hotels, restaurants and other establishments this opportunity.


The Palais Hotel was introduced to Powerstar through Liberty Saver, the official distributor for Powerstar in the Northern Territory and South Australia.

Through a process of identifying the most efficient solution for its client, rather than attempting to fit products around the hotels business, Liberty Saver established voltage optimisation as a suitable solution for the hotel.

Before deciding on voltage optimisation, the Palais Hotel conducted extensive investigations into the suitability of the technology before commissioning installation of a 288 kVA Powerstar system.

Since the installation the hotel has continued to monitor performance to confirm success of the investment.


Key figures

Savings on electricity consumption: 10.5%

Electricity savings per annum: £7,370

Estimated payback period: Under 3 years


Powerstar has now allowed Palais to reduce its electrical usage with installation times met meaning a seamless transition which didn’t affect customers or operations.


“We are more than happy and pleased we made this investment. We are also glad we are making a contribution in the responsible use of Palais Hotel power.

You can see the Powerstar system is built with long-life materials, so are happy with the quality of the unit.

I have seen enough evidence to know that this is wise investment that we expect to pay for itself within three years. “

Bob Karpluk, General Manager, Palais Hotel

View the Case Study PDF Here


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