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Tower Hamlets


Tower Hamlets Council in London is committed to sustainable development and is continuously improving its services, policies and practices to contribute to a better quality of life for its inhabitants. The Council commissioned Powerstar to survey its facilities at Albert Jacob House – the offices for its Homeless and Housing Advices Services – to determine the effectiveness of voltage optimisation on the site.

Tower Hamlets Council is in London’s East End. The Council has an environmental strategy and is undertaking a number of initiatives to reduce its energy consumption and to lower carbon emissions. Voltage Optimisation in councils is a excellent method to undertake this. Tower Hamlets vision is to become a council with progressively lower environmental impacts and which sets an excellent example of leadership in environmental good practice to the community.


Following an onsite survey by Powerstar at the Council’s Albert Jacob facility and an analysis of their Half Hour Data and electricity bills the annual electricity consumption at the site was determined to be 540,745kWh. The largest consumption areas were found to be the switch start lighting, air handling units, air conditioning (small VSD), pumps, IT (with UPS) and lift motors.

Powerstar were challenged to demonstrate the level of savings in electricity costs and carbon emissions that voltage optimisation could achieve for the Council at this site.


Powerstar identified that a minimum saving of 12% in electricity consumption could be achieved through voltage optimisation and as a result a 226KvA Powerstar unit was recommended and subsequently installed at Albert Jacob House.

Powerstar is the only voltage optimisation system designed and manufactured in the UK and is the highest rated with an efficiency of 99.91%. At its heart the system lowers current and voltage harmonic distortions to reduce energy consumption and operating temperatures.


An annual saving in electricity consumption of 54,065kWh will be achieved following the installation of the Powerstar voltage optimisation unit. This equates to a saving of £6,411 on the annual electricity charges. Carbon emissions will also be reduced by 30 tonnes per annum.

The real time monitoring system – a standard feature with all Powerstar units – will also assist the Council to identify overall electricity consumption and take further steps on their own to make savings through more efficient use of lighting and general equipment.


The Council Energy Services team said: “installing the Powerstar will support the Asset Management drive to reduce carbon and energy consumption in Tower Hamlets, always striving to be lean, flexible and green”

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