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Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Its innovative engineered solutions accelerate performance for customers in a sustainable way. The Trelleborg Group has annual sales of about SEK 21 billion (€2.5 billion, $3.3 billion) in over 40 countries.

The Challenge

Trelleborg’s site in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, was looking to further reduce it’s carbon emmisions and overall energy consumption. The 50,000 sq ft site was purpose built in 1998 to manufacture and showcase Trelleborg products.

The site had already installed other energy savings solutions such as high efficiency T5 fluorescent lighting and large inverter drives and were looking at voltage optimisation to create further energy savings and supply the correct, regulated voltage for its plant equipment. The site was also keen to be able to monitor the savings as required.

The Solution

Powerstar presented it’s findings to Trelleborg, which even after various other energy saving solutions had been installed, Powerstar would still give guaranteed savings of 7.7%. A Powerstar MAX was installed on site and the guaranteed savings surpassed by 3.5% at 11.2%, with the incoming voltage now correct for plant equipment after installation.

A desktop application allowed real time monitoring of savings to be given on site thanks to the addition of the
Powerstar HMI (Human Machine Interface) providing a wide variety of information. This installation was the second Powerstar installation at a Trelleborg site after a unit was installed at one of its facilities in Poland. Voltage Optimisation in Engineering can be seen through various case studies including Newburgh Precision, TenCate and Metaldyne among others.

Savings & Benefits

Key Figures
  • Reduction in energy consumption: 11.2%
  • kWh savings per annum: 160,751kWh
  • CO2 Saving: 78.8 Tonnes


Guaranteed savings were exceeded by 3.5% with a reduction in harmonics. Incoming voltage is also now at a new, corrected level for the equipment on site, prolonging it’s lifespan.

Customer Quote

“Here at Trelleborg we actively and systematically work with environmental management to reduce the consumption of energy and minimise emissions.

With this aim, we installed a variety of energy saving solutions at the Rotherham facility including high efficiency T5 fluorescent lighting and large inverter drives and we were very pleased with the results from these.

After this, Powerstar presented their findings and showed us we could make further, significant reductions as well as reducing harmonics and correcting the incoming voltage for our equipment on site.

The guaranteed savings presented were exceeded and the installation was quick with minimal disruption. I’d fully recommend voltage optimisation through Powerstar.”

Daniel Durrant, Production Engineer, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

View the Case Study PDF Here


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