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Viking Fishing, based in Cape Town, South Africa, are a fishing and food processing company that provides seafood retailers and wholesalers with a wide range of fresh and frozen seafood products. Viking operate a large fleet of fishing vessels, as well as two seafood processing facilities.


Founded in 1980, Viking Fishing employs over 1,400 staff. The rising cost of electricity continued to drive up costs across the business, leading Viking to seek a solution that would allow them to significantly reduce their energy costs.


Viking Fishing contacted Powerstar to assess if our patented voltage optimisation technology would present a suitable solution for their energy cost issues. After conducting a thorough site survey and analysis of the energy supply of one of their processing facilities, it was found that the site was being supplied with a very high voltage from grid compared to the optimal voltage levels required by infrastructure and machinery on-site. Not only was this unnecessarily increasing energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions, but overvoltage can also disrupt sensitive electrical systems and increase wear and tear on manufacturing equipment.


After installing a voltage optimisation system that conditions all incoming power into the site, Powerstar were able to deliver a 9% reduction in overall energy costs for the site, significantly higher than the guaranteed level of savings of 6.9% agreed at the start of the project.


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Achieving ABove the Guaranteed savings level

Customer Testimonial

“The installation was efficient and of a high professional standard, with minimal disruption to our operation. We would highly recommend Powerstar as an energy saving device to any large consumer of electricity.”

Foti Koukoulithras, Shore Operations Manager for Viking Fishing

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