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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Whitbread is a multinational hotel and restaurant company headquartered in the UK. Its flagship Premier Inn division is the largest hotel brand in the UK with over 780 hotels, while its restaurant chains include Beefeater and Brewers Fayre. Whitbread is listed on the London Stock Exchange as a member of the FTSE100.

The Whitbread group are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their extensive hotel and restaurant network. With over 72,000 rooms across their hotels, the chain has an extremely high power demand that results in significant energy bills and a substantial carbon footprint.


In searching for a technology that would allow them to improve sustainability and combat rising energy bills, Whitbread were committed to finding solution that could be delivered across a large number of sites cost-effectively, without impacting on the facilities and services offered to guests.

Powerstar’s voltage optimisation technology was identified as an ideal fit for a large number of different Whitbread hotels and restaurants, able to deliver a solution with minimal installation disruption. Good payback periods on the technology, combined with a significant boost to sustainability performance, eventually saw the technology rolled out to over 400 Whitbread sites across the UK.


Across the Whitbread organisation, Powerstar voltage regulation was able to deliver an average of 12.35% reduction in energy consumption across more than 400 sites. In addition, voltage regulation eliminated over 12,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, allowing Whitbread to report a significant improvement to their sustainability strategy as part of their ‘Good Together’ corporate social responsibility policy.

12,000 tonnes

reduction of CO2 annually

Customer Quotation

“We found Powerstar both professional and proactive in their awareness of the installation requirements during business operational hours, which ensured minimum disturbance for guests.

We have now installed more than 400 Powerstar systems in our estates and the carbon savings are fantastic. It is the equivalent of removing the emissions of 24,000 UK households from the National Grid. A Great result for our company, and for the environment.”

Chris George, Head of Energy and Environment at Whitbread hotels and restaurants.

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