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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Widnes Health Care Centre






Widnes Health Care Resource Centre opened in 2006 and is operated by the NHS. The Centre is also home to Oaks Place Surgery, a small GP practice that has been based in Widnes for the past 30 years.
The aim of the centre is to promote and deliver effective, comprehensive primary health care services to the highest standards for all individuals in a friendly and supportive environment.


The NHS is one of the largest single contributors to the UK’s carbon emissions. As a result, the entire NHS has binding carbon reduction targets in place, with an ambition of reaching net zero before 2040. Any measures taken to bolster resilience, which is vitally important for healthcare providers, or reduce energy bills must therefore also contribute to reducing emissions.


A comprehensive site survey from Powerstar demonstrated that voltage regulation would provide an effective and efficient method of reducing carbon emissions. At the same time, it offers savings on energy bills and boosts energy resilience by providing more stable, reliable power to on-site equipment.


A Powerstar 226kVA voltage regulation system was installed at the site, eliminating 46.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year and providing a net return on investment in two years and three months. This represented a 15.7% reduction in overall energy consumption, as well as annual savings on energy bills of £8,385.


Reduction in energy consumption

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