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Wienerberger Ltd are the world’s largest brick manufacturer.
Their UK operations include 14 separate manufacturing facilities making bricks, roof tiles and pavers, as well as offices and showrooms.


Their Worcestershire brick factory, based in Hartlebury, was experiencing inefficiencies and shortened lifespans on electrical infrastructure due to being supplied at the high end of the allowable voltage range. One particular transformer was also in need of replacement.


Powerstar was commissioned to replace the site’s ageing transformer with modern, low-loss replacements, that incorporated voltage omptimisation technology to provide more stable voltages across the site. The project faced a number of unique challenges, including delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Wienerberger also had to engage a subcontractor for excavation of a concrete roadway and jointing an 11kV feed to the substation.


Voltage optimisation technology installed alongside the new transformer delivered a substantial kWh reduction in power consumption. Based on the first four months of operation, the site’s annual consumption will be reduced by a total of 339,696 kWh, a saving of around 8%.

The voltages supplied to site were also optimised, improving range of between 248V and 253V, with occasional drops to 218V, in 2020 to 230 +/- 4V in 2021.

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Internal Engagement

Relationships are key, harness and develop these with your sites, key staff and suppliers. This is essential in delivering a successful project. Kenfig’s Manufacturing Director, Carl Curtis, was integral to this.

Staff at the factory are really engaged on the subject of energy efficiency and seeing actual improvements around the site drives on further performance improvements. The whole team are committed towards achieving net zero.

Wernick Group have a prioritised list of projects where they are looking to invest in R&D, behavioural change and technologies that will reduce their footprint. The project team engaged with business users who would benefit from this and with support from Powerstar, produced a business case that evidenced the business benefits of the technology, with examples of where VO technology had been successfully adopted at other manufacturing sites across multiple sectors. Specific concerns were addressed, specifically from a business continuity perspective, as keeping the factory operating was fundamental. Once support from senior management was achieved, the longer-term strategy for a roll-out across operations and implications for the Group was easy.

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