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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Zara Solihull






Founded in Spain, Zara is the flagship fashion brand of the wider Inditex group, itself the world’s largest apparel retailer. Founded in 1975, Zara has focused on core values of excelling in beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability as it has grown to over 7,400 stores across 96 different markets.


With a firm commitment to better sustainability across the brand, Powerstar was commissioned by Zara Solihull to help them to address rising energy costs, while also contributing to improved sustainability and resilience. A wide range of electrical equipment is needed during extensive operating hours to ensure an optimal shopping experience for customers, including lighting, temperature controls and checkouts. Zara’s commitment to customers meant that any solution installed could not impact on power resilience.


Following a site evaluation, Zara Solihull was found to have excessively high voltage from their grid supply, inflating their electricity bills unnecessarily. This made them an ideal candidate for Powerstar’s Voltage optimisation technology, which reduces incoming voltage and conditions power to supply on-site equipment with a better quality, more consistent voltage. This not only significantly reduces overall energy consumption, but also contributes to longer lifespans and reduced maintenance needs for equipment. Enhanced energy efficiency also delivers a marked improvement on sustainability performance.


Following the installation of Powerstar’s voltage optimisation, Zara Solihull benefited form an annual reduction in overall electricity consumption of 19.5%, resulting in the installation paying for itself in just a year.

19.5% reduction in overall electricity consumption

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