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Coffee Break with…Cameron Bee


Once a month, we’ll be sharing a morning coffee break with one of the Powerstar team to find out more insight into their day-to-day role and why they enjoy working within the Energy sector.

This month, we’ve caught up with one of our newer recruits, Sales Apprentice, Cameron Bee, who joined the business 2 months ago.

What was your first job role within the Energy Sector?

Not only is this my first job in the energy sector, it’s my first “proper” job, having graduated from university last summer. I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester, so had some background knowledge of energy prior to starting with Powerstar, but I’ve definitely learned a lot in the few months I’ve been here.

Describe a typical day at Powerstar

My main roles as a sales apprentice are to support the commercial development of the business. This can be through data analysis, writing proposals, contacting new leads, liaising with clients or helping out at shows and exhibitions. Every day is different, which is a great environment to work in.

What do you enjoy the most about working in Energy?

In the short time I’ve been with Powerstar, I’ve learned just how crucial energy is to every kind of business, so its great to help a business reduce its carbon footprint without impacting on their day-to-day operation, particularly with the current issues surrounding sustainability.

Are there any drawbacks to working in this sector?

The projects that we offer, being bespoke, often take a lot of time to come into fruition, so it’s difficult to see the benefits of your work straight away and while I’m yet to see a project through to completion, having only been here a couple of months, I expect that the pay off at the end is well worth the work.

What’s your proudest achievement to date?

I’d have to say achieving a 1st in my degree. It took 4 years of hard work, long hours, terrible diet, and lack of sleep but was well worth it to get that £50,000 piece of paper.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

I am a big football fan, despite Newcastle United’s attempts to put me off, so outside of work I spend a lot of time both playing and watching football. I am also into music, so am excited that festivals and events are now opening up again. I’ve also DJ’d and produced some of my own music in the past.

Advancements in technology often cause significant changes in many industries, such as energy. What recent technological advances have had the biggest impact on your personal life?

Advancements in video calling and remote working due to covid have had a big impact. It meant I could still talk to family and friends back in Newcastle despite living in Manchester. Also, it allowed me to complete the last 18 months of my degree without any real negative impact from not being able to go into uni.

If you had to give one piece of advice to people seeking jobs in energy, what would it be?

Be open-minded. I didn’t know this was the route I wanted to go down post-university but the opportunity presented itself and so far, it’s been great.

Why Powerstar?

Powerstar’s vision and ambition is clear and exciting and their drive to make an impact is what initially drew me to the company.

Describe Team Powerstar in 3 words

Hard-working. Innovative. Collaborative.

Cameron has quickly become a valuable member of the team at Powerstar and we look forward to working with him for many years to come. 

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