Communicating Net Zero Efforts to Key Audiences

UK businesses and other organisations are now well aware of their carbon reduction responsibilities, and in many cases are also increasingly clear on the range of business benefits that better sustainability can offer, outside of simply keeping on the right side of current and future legislative requirements. Better engagement with key audiences, new opportunities for growth and innovation and a reduction in costs can all be unlocked with an effective, well-implemented carbon reduction strategy. With partners and investors alike placing greater emphasis on improved Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), showcasing real progress towards net zero is a vital component.

Maximising the benefit of improved sustainability increasingly depends on not only having a strong foundational knowledge of how an organisation generates carbon and the ways they are mitigating it, but also being able to demonstrate that progress with robust, quantifiable data. Powerstar’s expertise when it comes to understanding how changes to infrastructure and energy management impact energy efficiency and carbon emissions, and the real-time data our technology can provide to allow that data to be clearly communicated, means our clients can build confidence with key audiences by showcasing clear, comprehensive and strategic sustainability improvement over time.

Consumers, business customers, supply chain partners, investors and potential recruits can all be key audiences for a business, and all of them are increasingly aware of ESG performance, what good ESG looks like and how it should be measured. For supply chain partners, many are increasingly aware of their own Scope 3 emissions, and the impact your organisation will have on them if they work with you. For many organisations, including a growing swathe of the public sector, a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy is a requirement to become a supplier.

For businesses seeking investment, a net zero strategy is increasingly one of the documents they will be expected to provide. In a survey of 1,000 major UK investors, almost half (47%) indicated that they prioritised sustainability over maximising returns on investment. A good sustainability strategy is vital for future-thinking businesses to be able to succeed during and after the energy transition.

As understanding of the need for net zero increases, so does the knowledge of what constitutes a good net zero strategy. On the other hand, strategies that in previous years had been looked upon favourably, such as switching to a renewable energy only procurement strategy, increasingly run the risk of accusation of greenwashing. Key audiences don’t just want organisations to acknowledge net zero, they want them to be able to show real progress in terms of addressing it.

How Powerstar Can Help

Powerstar supports clients to plan a scientific pathway towards net zero, implement a net zero strategy as part of their wider ESG efforts, and provides clients with the tools to measure and report on sustainability progress accurately. All our technology solutions offer comprehensive real-time monitoring, allowing energy efficiency improvements, and in turn carbon emission reductions, to be clearly demonstrated. All of our technologies also typically offer substantial sustainability improvements, but it is unlocking the data that surrounds that, both to allow further refinement of a carbon strategy and to highlight progress to key audiences that our consultative approach can offer further benefit to customers.

Our extensive experience in building complex smart microgrid projects means that however a client site uses energy and emits carbon, we can design and deliver a solution that fits and that can be used to clearly demonstrate a commitment to meaningful progress towards achieving net zero.

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