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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Our partners represent a range of different sectors and industry roles, including complementary technologies looking for collaboration, and consultancies to address customer needs.

These range from one-off collaborations to long-term commercial relationships as a technology partner. Increasingly, we also lend our expertise to support partners that are commissioned to write comprehensive sustainability plans that can deliver on carbon reduction targets.

Why partner with us?

Support for partner projects may include feasibility studies, schematic design for multi-technology microgrids, power flows and controls, consulting services, power management, and hardware solutions. Powerstar’s expertise in power resilience allows you to deliver reliable, effective solutions that protect your customers and projects from the growing risk of power disruptions. Our battery energy storage solutions also help to support the delivery of high-demand technologies in cases where grid constraint may be an issue, such as rapid Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.


Powerstar can accommodate a variety of different types of commercial relationships for both new and existing partners. This will be represented in a tiered system that reflects the level of relationship you desire and which most benefits both parties.

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