Driving ESG Improvements with Powerstar

Good environmental, social and corporate governance has rapidly become one of the most important metrics used by potential investors when assessing a business. More widely, ESG has become a general yardstick that reflects on how a business is perceived by other key audiences. Powerstar work with businesses across a broad range of sectors to deliver better ESG performance, driving investor attractiveness and helping businesses to deliver demonstrable improvements in their environmental impact. 

Recently, it was confirmed that the appetite for ESG investment in the UK had slipped, driven largely by the cost-of-living crisis that saw investors prioritise profit. However, a closer look at the numbers clearly demonstrates how ESG remains vital for businesses, particularly those looking to attract new investment. 

68% of investors indicated that they believed companies with strong ESG credentials were attractive investment options. While the number of investors prioritising sustainable investing over maximising returns slipped, it still represents nearly half of the 1,000 investors interviewed by Charles Schwab UK. UK CEOs felt even more strongly about the importance of ESG, with 74% stating it is equally important as financial performance. 

With ESG being a broad topic covering impact on society, impact on the environment and how transparent an organisation is, for many businesses knowing where to start is challenge enough. With mitigating environmental impact such a core pillar of ESG, this is where Powerstar has been delivering improvements for customers. Crucially, the electricity and carbon emission reductions we secure for businesses are also monitored and available 24/7 through remote monitoring software, allowing them to be accurately incorporated into ESG reporting.

How Powerstar supports businesses with ESG 

An ESG strategy that focuses on better energy efficiency is a good place to start for many businesses looking to improve their credentials, delivering a substantial improvement to environmental governance alongside tangible financial and operational benefits.  

A better initial understanding of how a site uses energy provides a baseline for ESG reporting, as well as being a key step in terms of identifying areas with the most potential for improvement. Powerstar helps customers to achieve that in a few ways. Our technologies, including voltage optimisationlow-loss transformers and battery energy storage, incorporate remote monitoring software that gives real-time data on energy consumption, as well as tracking improvements over time. This reduction in energy consumption also allows us to calculate the amount of carbon savings a site has achieved through better energy efficiency. 

For sites looking at major infrastructure upgrades, Powerstar also offer comprehensive feasibility studies that gives oversight of the likely carbon savings, as well as cost savings and improvements to operations, ahead of a project being signed off.  

While better energy efficiency delivers primarily on improved environmental performance, projects delivered by Powerstar also reflect well on improved governance. This includes an accurate picture of the benefits that will be delivered before a project is greenlit, better business resilience through protection from power disruption and a clear indication that your business is taking your ESG responsibilities seriously. 

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