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Master Distributor for Costa Rica: Ecopower


At Powerstar, we understand that the best way to serve our international audiences is to utilise the skills and experience of experts that operate in that region.

That’s why Powerstar has appointed Ecopower as its master distributor across Latin America, due to its knowledge and expertise of the energy industry across the territory.

Ecopower is an energy efficiency and renewable energy company based in Latin America (LATAM), with more than 10 years experience in the region. Their mission is to develop clean energy projects that can deliver low-cost and high-quality energy service for our customers. The Ecopower team includes engineers, technicians, and financial analysts, that can deliver market leading clean energy projects.


Ecopower’s expertise

Ecopower works within different market segments that have energy savings opportunities, and low carbon emissions goals such as:

  • Electrical utilities – micro-grids
  • Industrial companies – food processing, metal manufacturers, plastics injection/moulding, high technology, medical device companies
  • Commercial retailers – shopping malls, supermarkets
  • Corporate buildings – data centres, call centres, offices, banks
  • Public infrastructure – hospitals, water treatment plants

Why EcoPower chose to work with Powerstar

‘Powerstar is a world leading company in innovation and manufacturing of energy technology with a strong team of engineers that are looking to develop new products in energy saving, energy quality, and resiliency. Ecopower share the same values as Powerstar and have a commitment that reflects that of our customers, for finding and satisfying technological needs in the energy field. Working together we can fulfil numerous energy challenges, and deliver high quality options for the energy market in the LATAM region’ – Juan Manuel Ortega Castillo , Project Director, Ecopower.

Ecopower’s goals for the future

Ecopower aims to introduce Powerstar in LATAM market, educating the different stakeholders, and developing a strong relationship with distributors, energy project developers, electric design companies, engineers, and end users. In the region it is working with countries that have high energy costs and low energy quality, and wants to achieve coverage of the whole region through strategic partners with the same values and interests.

In the long term Ecopower is aiming to be the first option for new infrastructure, energy savings projects, and low carbon emission in electrical installations with the Powerstar technology.


To get in touch with Ecopower to discuss your business’ energy strategy, simply complete the short form below.

You can also visit Ecopower’s website by clicking here.


Costa Rica: (506) 8819 6197

Panamá: (507) 6612 1199

México: +52 55 4169 1004

Dominican Republic: +1 (829) 988 6228



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