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Electricity in Retail

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This page provides a brief overview of how the challenges and opportunities of energy management to retailers can be addressed through smart energy optimisation solutions.

Challenges and opportunities OF electricity in retail

The retail landscape is evolving significantly, meaning businesses are having to adapt to new challenges whilst embracing the opportunities that arise. Technology developments, consumer attitudes, legislation, and changing markets are a just a few of the factors driving trends such as:

  • An increasing focus on decarbonisation from government and consumers;
  • Heightened use of technology as part of the customer experience;
  • Expectations for businesses to be more environmentally responsible;
  • Extended business trading hours to cater to customers demands.

These trends impact energy use for retail businesses which require businesses to act to meet the challenges and embrace opportunities to remain competitive. Increased energy usage can have a significant effect on costs, so finding suitable ways to minimise this and act in a more environmentally sustainable manner is vital for businesses to remain competitive.


There are numerous ways that retailers can reduce their electricity consumption carbon footprint without reducing reliance on technology. This is true for businesses that have already made substantial changes to improve their energy efficiency and reduce costs as well as those that are starting out on their journey toward sustainable responsibility. Voltage Optimisation is a reliable solution that organisations can implement to achieve cost and carbon reductions. Voltage optimisation technology generates savings immediately from installation and can be implemented with minimal disruption.

In simply terms, voltage optimisation works by reducing the average incoming supply from the National Grid which is typically provided around an excessive 242 volts to a more optimal level appropriate for the electrical equipment on-site, normally around 220 volts, closely matching the design characteristics of on-site equipment. This process provides electrical consumption reductions which generate electricity costs savings of around 8-10% in most cases, with a payback period between two and four years. Voltage optimisation has additional benefits, such as reducing wear and tear on the equipment, improving longevity and minimising replacement costs.

In shore the benefits of Powerstar voltage optimisation systems can be summarised as:

SAVE: Money on electricity costs
PROTECT: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and company reputation
REDUCE: Financial risks, lower capital costs and increase the bottom line
CUT: Carbon footprint and CO2 emissions
Reduce electricity in retail

Powerstar provides fixed and variable voltage optimisation solutions, the former is suitable for sites that have a high but consistent incoming voltage, and the latter for sites that have an incoming supply that fluctuates as demonstrated in the graph below.LITE vs MAX

Powerstar analyses the sites profile to determine the solution that will deliver the best value in each individual case. To discover more about the different types of voltage optimisation including the applications and benefits, use the buttons below.

Find Out More About Fixed Voltage Optimisation

Find Out More About Variable Voltage Optimisation

COMPREHENSIVE Energy management for retail

Powerstar’s remote monitoring platform provides insights into the performance of smart energy management assets. This enables enhanced monitoring and evaluation of savings achieved by the systems and allows further energy optimisations to be identified. For sites with multiple smart energy assets such as renewable generation or energy storage, these can also be integrated into the monitoring platform to manage the site’s infrastructure as a whole.

Retail Case Study Video

Voltage Optimisation Case Studies in the Retail Sector

If you have any questions about electricity in retail, or would like to arrange a consultation with one of our experts to explore how you could benefit from Powerstar’s smart energy solutions, please get in touch through the form below or call the head office on 01142 576 200.


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