The Wernick Group’s Journey to Cost Reduction and CO2 Savings through Energy Technology Webinar

Jointly hosted with The Wernick Group, we discuss their journey to cost reduction and CO2 savings through energy technology

Wernick’s Lex Massey, Group Sustainability Manager and Andy King, Group Technical Director explain the challenges the Group faced, typical of many organisations: to eliminate energy, reduce costs and decarbonise the manufacturing process without impact to operational efficiency.

The implementation of voltage optimisation represents a significant aspect of Wernick’s net zero 2040 strategy and has enabled them to save a forecast 19 tonnes CO2 and 9.2% reduction in energy costs within their first year.


Wernick’s ambition is to be market leader in sustainable manufacturing and have adopted an energy reduction hierarchy across their estate and operations.  They see Voltage Optimisation (VO) as one of the first things that should be considered to eliminate any wasted energy. 

“We have set ourselves an ambitious net zero target date of 2040 which includes the Group reducing our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 45% by 2030.  This technology is key in enabling us to meet this ambition as we aim to decouple our carbon emissions from economic growth. We want to be credible and transparent in our journey to net zero and investment in VO demonstrates our commitment.” Alexis Massey, Group Sustainability Manager

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