This savings summary is for the Powerstar installation at Rathbone Hospital. Energy consumption data for the site was provided via the electrical energy provider in the form of ½ hour consumption spreadsheets. The average consumption data was calculated for each ½ hour period both pre & post installation this was then summed with the difference in the averages being taken as the savings.

«We would highly reccomend Powerstar voltage optimisation systems. The Powerstar installation at Mersey Care NHS Trust has achieved an average 18% saving on total electricity consumption»

Mark O’Grady, Managing Director, MITIE Engineering (North) Ltd. Facilities Management company for NHS.

  • 28 Day Prior Energy Consumption 54,019
  • 28 Day Post Energy Consumption 48,971
  • Saving (28 days) 5,047
  • Saving Per day (kWH) 180.3
  • kWh Saving per annum (overall) (365 days per annum) 65,796
  • Saving £6,974.43
  • % Savings Total Energy Consumption 10.142%
  • % savings on Eligible Energy 12.677%

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