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Enhancing Power Resilience And Securing Business Operations Within A Net Zero World


  • Online
  • 19th May 2021
  • 10:00am

Please note


Please note, this energy webinar is specific to the UK audience, and is ideal for businesses who are looking to enhance power resilience within their business, reducing the risk of power outages on business operations, whilst also benefiting from specialist technical appraisal, design and simulation services to assess the feasibility of these advanced engineering solutions.



As the share of renewable energy sources on the UK energy network continues to increase, causing concerns regarding the stability of the network, many businesses, especially high energy intensive organisations, cannot afford to risk disruptions to their operations due to energy-related failures, such as blackouts or brownouts, and are now looking at solutions to meet their power resilience needs.

This webinar will examine the impact of becoming a power resilient organisation, alongside the technologies available to help companies achieve this goal. This is particularly important when existing traditional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems do not meet all the needs of the site, and Powerstar’s specialist technical appraisal and modelling capabilities ensures the most complex projects are feasible before continuing.

Taking place on Wednesday 19th May, this webinar will help your business understand the issues power outages can cause, as well as how a bespoke power resilience solution can help protect your business from multiple operational risks. During the webinar several examples of businesses who are already experiencing protection from Powerstar’s energy resilient solutions will be presented and discussed.


As many highly intensive businesses, especially manufacturers, had to shut for an extensive period of time throughout 2020, it is essential that now they are able to open they ensure they are protected from any disruptions to operations.

The battery energy storage market is set to reach $11.04bn in 2025, with the market set to increase by up to $5bn over the forecast period up to 2025, according to data GlobalData Energy has published[1]. This highlights the importance of battery energy storage, a smart energy solution which is known to be crucial in escalating the deployment of renewables in order to develop a resilient and sustainable power network.

In order for businesses to enhance power resilience and move towards its net zero targets, many businesses will require a bespoke, specialist solution above and beyond the capabilities of traditional UPS systems. Through utilising the application of behind-the-meter energy storage systems, combined with Powerstar’s technical expertise to provide dynamic real-time feasibility studies and energy control strategies, businesses can solve a multitude of energy problems at once.

Through investing in behind-the-meter storage systems, businesses can also better integrate renewable energy generation and optimise their energy management strategy to deliver cost and energy savings, while protecting themselves from potential supply disruption.

If, like many other businesses, you are looking to become more efficient and resilient, whilst also moving forward towards your net zero targets, register for this free webinar today.


Discover how your business can enhance power resilience and take advantage of the opportunity to question an industry expert by registering for this free webinar on 19th May 2021.

At this webinar you can expect to:

  • Learn about the Battery Energy Storage market and the focus on resilience
  • Discover the benefits of power resilience and an uninterruptible power supply
  • Explore the specialist technical design and modelling capabilities of Powerstar and how it could benefit your business
  • Understand how installing smart energy solutions could support your business’ route to net zero
  • Explore real-life resilience case studies showing tangible benefits of Powerstar protecting businesses from blackouts and brownouts



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