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Cutting Costs by Improving Energy Efficiency for High Energy Users – Webinar (22.01.20)


  • Online
  • 22nd January 2020
  • 10:00am

Please note


Please note, this energy webinar is specific to the UK audience, and is ideal for businesses with high energy consumption who wish to learn more about the solutions available to improve energy efficiency to reduce costs and minimise carbon emissions.


About the event

This webinar, taking place as we transition into 2020 and ever closer to the UK Government’s environmental targets, will focus on helping high energy using businesses understand how to reduce electricity costs and minimise carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency.

During the winter months, many companies experience startling and significant rises to their electricity bills. Darker nights and adverse weather conditions mean lights and heating are on more often, and renewable sources (such as solar) are less active and more intermittent. Plus, with the increase in demand many organisations see leading up to the holiday period, general activities, whether it be customer focused or production-related, increase too. 

Because of this, it is important for businesses to prepare for the winter months by actively managing their energy profile to be as efficient as possible, enabling them to save money during a critical period and potentially reinvest savings made into activities to improve the business as a whole.


Achieving the benefits of energy optimisation

Whilst the winter period forces changes in energy usage, inefficiencies can be present in the electricity infrastructure that impact the business all year round without detection, such as an ageing HV distribution transformer or excessive voltage on the LV side. Many buildings in the UK are supplied with electricity at a higher voltage level than required for the on-site equipment, resulting in wasted energy, increased levels of carbon emissions, higher than necessary electricity bills, and unnecessary wear and tear to on-site equipment, causing premature burnout or failure.

By optimising the business’s voltage supply and effectively managing its voltage profile, businesses can see significant reductions in consumption and costs, and this can be done through various methods, including the adoption of verified smart energy technologies.

Additionally, by co-locating on-site renewable generation, businesses can maximise their locally generated energy in the winter months to reduce reliance on the National Grid and generate further cost savings on their electricity bills.

Unsure where to start?

If you’re not sure of the best way to improve your business’s energy efficiency, then join this free webinar on 22nd January 2020 to:

  • Discuss common energy challenges for businesses in the UK, particularly during the winter months
  • Explore various methods and technologies for immediately reducing energy consumption and costs, as well as carbon emissions, over the long term
  • Discover real-life applications and case studies for smart energy technologies and the benefits achievable for businesses across a multitude of industries
  • Learn how such solutions are available without any financial risk


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