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Integrating Smart Energy Technologies to Maximise Efficiency – Webinar


  • Online
  • 15th August 2019
  • 10:00am

Please note


Please note, this energy webinar is specific to the UK audience, and is ideal for high energy users, such as manufacturing businesses, who wish to learn more about the solutions available to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs.


Never before has there been such widespread acknowledgement of climate change and pressure for businesses to be responsible for making positive steps towards carbon reduction. Additionally, electrical consumption continues to grow at exponential rates, and the UK’s ageing energy infrastructure is struggling to meet these rising demands.

Due to this, it is more important than ever for UK businesses to consider the integration of complementary smart energy technologies, primarily to provide a robust business case for energy efficiency improvements over the long term. This can be achieved through the combination of multiple technologies to deliver incremental benefits to energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption and costs, as well as minimising carbon footprint.

By implementing a comprehensive smart energy strategy, businesses can control energy efficiency as well as flexibility, allowing full control over energy use on an ongoing basis to optimise output and streamline the energy profile in line with business operations.


On Thursday 15th August, at 10.00am Powerstar is hosting a free to attend one hour energy webinar that will explore the steps businesses can take to implement a smart energy strategy in order to offset rising energy prices, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, whilst providing supply security to protect against costly downtime caused by energy failures.

The webinar will cover a range of smart energy technologies and focus on how these technologies can be combined together, as well as integrated with existing on-site assets and generation technologies, to help companies achieve a more carbon neutral output as part of a comprehensive business-wide energy strategy.

Crucially, to ensure ongoing performance and expectations are met, Powerstar’s expert speaker will be introducing an online remote monitoring platform that can be connected to all assets to give comprehensive insights and well as highlight opportunities for further refinement to electrical use.

Why Attend?

  • Gain key insights into the energy efficiency challenges UK businesses are facing and how to address them
  • Understand how a range of smart energy technologies can deliver tangible benefits to your business
  • Learn how a comprehensive smart energy strategy can integrate existing on-site assets and generation technologies for a full business-wide solution
  • Discover a more comprehensive approach to achieving long- and short-term energy efficiency objectives

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