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Manufacturing Leaders Summit – Exhibition, UK (13.11.2019)

Conference / Exhibition

  • Liverpool
  • 13th November 2019
  • 9:00am

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This is an exhibition which Powerstar is attending and not an event organised and managed by Powerstar. To book your place at the Manufacturing Leaders Summit, please book via their registration website here. 



Exhibition Centre Liverpool, King's Dock, Port of Liverpool, Liverpool, L3 4FP, United Kingdom

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The Manufacturing Leaders Summit is the place for innovative business leaders to meet their peers, share their stories and grow their understanding of what tools, techniques and technologies are best placed to drive their next period of growth.

On November 13, Powerstar is presenting a session at the Manufacturing Leaders Summit at 11:00am to discuss the benefits of smart energy technologies for manufacturing businesses. More details about the session can be found below.

Powerstar CEO, Dr Alex MardapittasTopic Title: Smart Energy Technologies to Deliver Sustainability, Flexibility and Reliability to Manufacturers
Description: Discover solutions that recognise and respond to ever increasing pressures to enhance energy efficiency strategies and technologies available for manufacturers to insulate against rising energy prices, reduce electricity consumption, enhance supply security, and deliver a carbon neutral future through CO2 reductions.
Speaker Profile: Dr Alex Mardapittas established Powerstar in 2001, and has spearheaded the engineering-led company since its inception. As an experienced Chartered Engineer, with a research doctorate, Alex possesses extensive knowledge of software programming and innovative engineering design, enabling him to create award winning smart energy solutions. Alex utilises his expert knowledge within the current and future energy landscapes, including his extensive knowledge of the challenges to constantly innovate. This knowledge of the UK energy landscape and its limitations enables him to provide insights in to its future.

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