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Powerstar exhibiting at Health Estates Conference (Manchester, UK)

Conference / Exhibition

  • Manchester
  • 19th October 2021
  • 9:00am

Please note


This is an exhibition which Powerstar is attending and not an event organised and managed by Powerstar. To book your place at the Health Estates Conference please book via the registration website here.




Manchester Central, Windmill Street, Manchester, M2 3GX



Visit us on stand A44 at the Healthcare Estates Conference. Healthcare Estates brings together more manufacturers, suppliers, products, services and special offers in one place at one time than any other UK healthcare event.



Tuesday 19th October 2021

Wednesday 20th October 2021


How we can help you

Looking to achieve Power Resilience and Net Zero carbon emissions?

Power Resilience refers to having the ability to continue your operations without impact from disruption to your power supply. As we electrify more of what we do, we put ourselves at greater risk from power disruption, which can have significant financial implications. This is not just a risk of a power cut, as there are many types of power disruption which can damage or interrupt your electrical equipment.


We can provide full power resilience to a whole site through any combination of three core technologies:


Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) – A site-wide Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with ultra-fast switching to ensure that no electrical equipment on site is disrupted by fluctuations, drops, or changes in power supply.


Voltage Regulation – Patented Powerstar technology which can dynamically change the voltage on your site to ensure that it is constant, smooth, and exactly the right value to prevent damage to your electrical equipment and keep it working efficiently.


Transformers – With most transformers in the UK being more than 20 years old, ensuring you have new, efficient, UK manufactured transformers removes a major failure risk.

Uniquely, our resilience technologies can also be used to provide your site with additional applications and benefits. While most backup power solutions provide just that, our bespoke solutions provide better control over your energy usage, reduce bills and carbon emissions, improve sustainability, and more, all while protecting your site from the risk of power disruption. We call this resilience+.


Need to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs?

Organisations from all sectors are experiencing large jumps in electricity costs, with no indication of these rises slowing down any time soon. This is particularly painful for organisations with high energy use and long operating hours, such as hospitals and other healthcare estates.


Various technologies can be used to improve energy efficiency on your site, reducing power consumption, carbon emissions, and, importantly, electricity costs.


These technologies include, but are not limited to, on-site generation, battery energy storage, voltage regulation, and microgrid control systems. We can deploy any combination of these technologies to help you achieve your efficiency and cost-saving goals.


Planning the switch to electric vehicles (EV)?

With ambitious net zero targets, both nation-wide and within the healthcare sector, the switch to EVs is inevitable. With that transition comes challenges around vehicle charging infrastructure. Even if your site has the capacity available to implement sufficient EV charging, and is approved by your Distribution Network Operator (DNO), connecting EV chargers directly to the grid means you have very little control over how the energy is generated and used.


We can implement battery energy storage technology to create a buffer between your grid connection and your EV chargers. This can remove the requirement to upgrade electrical infrastructure and avoid hefty fines for exceeding your authorised capacity from the grid. Furthermore, it provides the ability to charge your EVs with cleaner energy from on-site generation, and the flexibility to manage your on-site power flows intelligently to ensure you’re always ready to charge with minimal impact on the rest of your site’s power requirements.


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