Date: 05/12/2017
Time: 8:30 am – 10:30 am
Location: Powerstar,
4 Cowley Way,
South Yorkshire,
S35 1QP,
United Kingdom

Please note, this seminar is specific to audiences in the UK.


Demand on the electricity network in the UK continues to grow year-on-year, and it is predicted to keep growing at a fast rate for the foreseeable future due to the ever growing reliance and advancement of technology. Because of this, the energy network is struggling to keep up, with supply issues becoming more common and causing a multitude of issues for businesses nationwide who are experiencing more blackouts, brownouts and voltage spikes and dips every year. From 2015-2016 the increase in blackouts and brownouts was recorded at a staggering 46% growth.

As the UK works towards a much-needed greener future energy landscape, it is only exacerbating the situation by introducing new plans such as the government’s 2040 Electric Vehicle (EV) plan which will require a heightened and (currently) unrealistic dependence on the National Grid.

This free, short seminar taking place in Sheffield will explore the concept of ‘decentralised network’, which utilises integrated energy storage technology to form a microgrid which relieves demand on the network by providing communities with cheaper, more reliable, locally generated energy.

Seminar Overview

During the seminar, delegates will be informed of the current restrictions and limitations on the UK electricity supply network and the ever-increasing demand it faces, especially with government incentives such as the aforementioned 2040 EV plan. The main focus of the seminar will discuss the concept of a decentralised energy network as a solution to this rapidly growing demand.

A decentralised energy network refers to energy that is generated off the main grid in a location closer to where the energy will be utilised in order to supply a local site or community with reliable energy at a much cheaper cost to the end user, whilst simultaneously reducing demand on the network significantly. This local generation also lowers carbon emissions, reduces transmission losses, and increases the security of the supply as end users would not have to share a supply or rely on a relatively small amount of remote power stations.

For a decentralised energy network to form, it relies on the installation of a series of smart, integrated systems that connect to form a microgrid capable of generating, storing, and supplying energy equal to the demand of its immediate area. These systems could support one another, providing a back-up supply to adjacent systems that fail or struggle to keep up with a ramp up in demand, ultimately creating a more reliable energy network.

To attend this seminar free-of-charge and join Powerstar in discussing the concept of a decentralised energy network within the future energy landscape, simply complete the short form at the top of this page.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Managing Director, Powerstar

As an experienced Chartered Engineer, with a research doctorate, Alex possesses extensive knowledge of software programming and innovative engineering design, enabling him to create award winning energy management solutions.

Alex utilises his expert knowledge within the current and future energy landscapes, including his extensive knowledge of the constraints to constantly innovate.

The VIRTUE energy storage solution is one of his recent solutions that will assist in tackling the ever-growing network supply issues whilst providing a range of additional benefits.

Why You Can’t Miss It

During the seminar the following topics will be addressed and discussed:

  • What is decentralised energy and how does it work?
  • The limitations of the current electricity network and how a decentralised energy network can help
  • The role of energy storage technology in storing decentralised energy
  • The benefits of decentralised energy, including cost and emissions reductions
  • How decentralised energy could be implemented on both a local and national scale
  • An integrated energy storage solution as part of a smart, responsive, microgrid

At the end of the seminar, guests are invited to witness a live demonstration of the VIRTUE energy storage solution, including how it can seamlessly provide UPS in real time by switching from grid input to stored energy output. Attendees will also be given a demonstration of VIRTUE EV, Powerstar’s rapid EV charging solution that eliminates the need for infrastructure upgrades.


Powerstar’s latest commitment to sustainability

Powerstar, UK manufacturer of leading-edge smart energy solutions, has worked with EcoVadis in order to achieve a silver Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) formal certification – placing Powerstar in the top 30 per cent of companies evaluated. The annual EcoVadis sustainability analysis covers four areas – environment, labour practices, human rights, and sustainable procurement. For these...