Date: 07/11/2018
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Please note, this energy webinar on ‘Combating energy prices’ is specific to the UK audience.


As energy consumption and the importance of staying connected in an increasingly technological world increases, so too does the cost of energy.

Many companies are facing intense pressure on their bottom lines as fixed rate electricity contracts end and increases of up to 30–40 % are being announced. At the same time, energy consumption continues to rise as the energy network in the UK transitions. Cleaner sources of energy are being introduced to the network in greater quantities than before whilst more carbon intensive forms of energy face Government sanctions, contributing towards new challenges for both grid and businesses.

Despite this, energy is an area that companies can influence in order to gain traction and recover cost savings and ensure their reputation is unaffected, through investment in leading smart energy technologies.

Technologies such as voltage optimisation and smart transformers are proven and effective in reducing energy consumption. Additionally, the remote monitoring aspect of smart transformers allows for further energy optimisations to be realised and can lead to the implementation of a holistic energy management system which enables a cycle of continuous improvement to energy use.

Webinar overview

Join Powerstar online on Wednesday, 7th November, 2018 at 10:00am for a webinar focused on how smart energy technologies can help combat energy price rises whilst helping to achieve sustainable targets.

Learn how smart energy technologies, such as voltage optimisation and smart transformers, can reduce energy consumption in addition to reducing carbon emissions as the UK’s energy mix becomes cleaner and greener as the nation undergoes decarbonisation.

This short webinar will also cover the additional benefits of implementing such technologies, like conditioning, optimising, and stabilising the incoming power supply to reduce the voltage to a level that closely matches the requirements of on-site electrical equipment, and how companies can reduce critical infrastructure maintenance costs by providing insights into the performance of their assets.

Why Attend?

  • Explore how smart energy technologies can help insulate companies against rising energy prices
  • Understand the cost benefits of implementing smart energy technologies, and how solutions can pay for itself without financial risk for multi-asset clients
  • Discover Powerstar’s bespoke, concept to completion approach to every project
  • Receive insight into Powerstar’s patented design
  • Explore real-life applications, actual savings obtained, and independent verification studies of the aforementioned technologies
  • Learn about Powerstar’s latest innovation, the amorphous core smart transformer Powerstar SO-LO
  • Question and engage in conversation with industry experts from anywhere with an internet connection

Delegates in attendance can also request a copy of the recording and presentation slides.



Powerstar partners with renowned specialist distributor Thorne & Derrick

Powerstar, UK manufacturer of leading-edge smart energy solutions, has announced a new partnership with Thorne & Derrick International to help bolster its smart transformers offering for energy conscious businesses, allowing them to improve their existing high voltage (HV) infrastructures, maximise efficiencies and reduce electricity consumption and costs with a solution that enables real-time asset monitoring...