Date: 27/06/2018
Time: 10:00 am – 10:45 am
Please note, this energy webinar on ‘Funding Energy Efficiency’ is specific to the UK audience.


Due to increasing pressure on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the UK Government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions across the board by 2050, the energy efficiency of businesses is under constant scrutiny, causing mounting pressure to implement energy efficient processes and technology to reduce impact on the environment and contribute to the UK’s future sustainable and low-carbon economy.

In addition, ever-rising electricity costs are causing more and more companies in the UK to seek ways to reduce energy costs, not only to conform to the stringent Governmental targets but to free up capital that can be reinvested into core operations and activities.

Voltage optimisation technology is one such solution that can produce significant reductions in energy consumption, electricity costs, and CO2 emissions. However, how a business opts to fund this technology can make a huge difference to its viability.

This short and informative webinar will explore the funding options available to businesses that wish to implement an energy efficiency project, such as voltage optimisation, without committing a large sum of capital upfront.


Join Powerstar online on Wednesday, 27th June, 2018 at 10:00am for a concise webinar aimed at highlighting the viability and affordability of energy efficiency projects when funded through a trusted supplier and the impact it can bring to meeting strict energy efficiency targets.

Learn how the benefits of voltage optimisation technology, when delivered as a tailored solution, can help the energy efficiency project pay for itself through electricity cost savings, with no financial risk to the customer, allowing the business’s capex to be invested purely in core operations.

The webinar will also discuss how voltage optimisation technology can condition, optimise, and, if needed, stabilise the incoming power supply to reduce the voltage to a level that closely matches the requirements of the on-site electrical equipment. This helps to reduce inflated energy bills caused by excess voltage, and minimise carbon emissions, bringing businesses closer to achieving their energy efficiency goals.

During the online session, delegates can also discover real-life applications of Powerstar’s patented voltage optimisation technology, which has been implemented in a wide variety of businesses across a plethora of sectors, as well as some funding and financing examples and how they work.

Why Attend?

  • Explore how CSR, ambitious Governmental targets and rising energy costs are causing UK businesses to seek out effective energy efficiency strategies
  • Understand the cost benefits of implementing voltage optimisation technologies, and how the solution can pay for itself with no financial risk
  • Discover Powerstar’s bespoke, concept to completion approach for every solution
  • Receive insight into Powerstar’s patented design
  • Explore real life applications, actual savings obtained, and independent verification studies on voltage optimisation technology
  • Discuss funding and financing examples that showcase how an energy efficiency project could work for businesses of all sizes
  • Question and engage in conversation with industry experts from anywhere with an internet connection

Delegates in attendance can also request a copy of the recording and presentation slides.


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