Date: 26/06/2019
Time: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Location: HSBC UK National Cycling Centre,
Stuart Street,
Greater Manchester,
M11 4DQ,

Please note, this energy seminar is specific to the UK audience, and is ideal for high energy users, such as manufacturing businesses, who wish to learn more about the solutions available to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs.


As companies across the UK continue to experience the sting of rising energy costs, few are feeling the effects quite as severely as manufacturers, which typically have high electricity costs due to extended and continuous processes, as well as the rise of connected digital processes to meet consumer demand.

Businesses in Manchester and the surrounding area are invited to join Powerstar on Wednesday, 26 June at 12:00pm for a free lunch seminar at the HSBC National Cycling Centre in Manchester to explore the solutions available to manufacturing businesses looking to reduce energy consumption and costs, minimise CO2 emissions and the associated environmental taxes, and implement all-round strategies that provide maximum efficiency of energy use and related assets.


There are numerous solutions available for manufacturers in the UK to optimise their energy use, and a number of different technologies that can be implemented in isolation, or as part of a robust and connected energy strategy, complete with digital insights through remote monitoring.

During the seminar, Powerstar will explore a wide range of technology from smart distribution transformers, to voltage optimisation, and energy storage, including how they can be combined to maximise each asset, especially as digitalisation of the manufacturing industry continues to progress and evolve.

Whether your business is looking for a quick solution to the exponentially increasing energy costs or is considering a number of different technologies to increase energy stability, resilience, and long-term sustainability, this seminar will help you discover the technologies and strategies currently available in the market. Guests of the seminar are also encouraged to engage in Q&A and discuss projects or ideas with Powerstar’s energy experts over refreshments and complementary sandwiches.

Why Attend?

  • Explore how manufacturing facilities can mitigate rising energy costs
  • Understand the cost benefits of implementing smart energy technologies, and how solutions can pay for itself without financial risk for multi-asset clients
  • Discover the technologies that can be utilised to form a smart energy strategy, including energy storage, voltage optimisation, and smart distribution transformers
  • Equip your business with the knowledge required to make smart decisions about its energy use
  • Explore how smart energy solutions can offset rising energy costs for businesses
  • Question and engage with energy industry experts on how to make the most of your energy use


Powerstar partners with renowned specialist distributor Thorne & Derrick

Powerstar, UK manufacturer of leading-edge smart energy solutions, has announced a new partnership with Thorne & Derrick International to help bolster its smart transformers offering for energy conscious businesses, allowing them to improve their existing high voltage (HV) infrastructures, maximise efficiencies and reduce electricity consumption and costs with a solution that enables real-time asset monitoring...