Date: 18/07/2019
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Location: East of England Co-op HQ,
Co-op, The St, Wherstead,
IP9 2BJ,
United Kingdom

This event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Please note, this energy seminar is specific to the UK audience, and is ideal for high energy usage businesses who wish to learn more about the solutions available, to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs and CO2 emissions.


The successful Powerstar Seminar Series is visiting Ipswich for a breakfast seminar at the East of England Co-op head office in Wherstead Park, Ipswich, on Thursday 18th July.

Across the UK, high energy users such as manufacturers and retailers are experiencing the impact of significant rises in energy costs. Additionally, there are heightened pressures for businesses from customers, and the Government to act in environmentally consciousness and sustainable ways way to protect corporate social responsibility (CSR).

With intensified motivations to be smarter with energy use, particularly through investment in renewable generation assets, a combination of technologies can assist businesses in maximising renewable generation and reduce reliance on the grid, minimising CO2 emissions and providing cost savings.

Such technologies can be implemented in isolation or as part of a wider, more comprehensive strategy for businesses. These solutions improve energy efficiency whilst maximising on-site generation and providing valuable insights into asset performance and operation, utilising online remote monitoring platforms.

About the event

On 18th July, Powerstar invites individuals responsible for the sustainability, energy or operational functions of high energy user businesses to join a free to attend breakfast seminar. The event will provide key insight into the evolving energy landscape and the suite of technologies available which enable tangible electrical consumption and cost reductions, whilst protecting corporate social responsibilities through enhanced sustainability.

Whilst geared towards maximising renewable generation, this event will also be applicable to businesses looking to improve energy efficiency in other areas, without the implementation of on-site generation.

Why attend?

  • Explore the evolving energy landscape and the challenges it provides to businesses.
  • Discover how onsite generation can be maximised to lower emissions and reliance from the grid.
  • See real-life examples of businesses that have achieved significant savings to their energy consumption and costs.
  • View the real-time insights available to businesses that deploy smart energy technologies.
  • Understand how high energy users can protect against increasing energy costs.
  • Learn the cost benefits of implementing smart energy strategies and how technologies can be implemented without financial risk for multi-asset clients.
  • Discover technologies behind the smart energy strategies, from voltage optimisation and energy storage to smart distribution transformers.
  • Equip your business with the knowledge it requires to make smarter decisions about its energy use.
  • Learn from leading industry energy experts on how to ensure your site is utilising its energy in an intelligent and efficient manner.


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