Date: 06/11/2019
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Please note, this energy webinar is specific to the UK audience, and is ideal for businesses who wish to learn more about the solutions available to improve energy efficiency and maximise renewable generation assets to minimise carbon emissions and reliance on the grid.

About the event

This webinar explores how the rapid increase in renewable energy brings both opportunities and challenges.

In April of this year, The National Grid published research to warn that using more renewable energy sources posted a threat to the network’s stability[1], and energy failures such as blackouts continue to cause issues for many across the country; the most recent example being the blackout on Friday 9th August.

However, the business case for maximising renewable electricity generation exists for organisations of all sizes, especially combined with other smart energy technologies.

This webinar, taking place on 6th November, will explore how businesses can make the most of renewable energy, and continue to invest in renewable assets such as Solar (PV) and wind without having to worry about hindering their supply’s resilience or stability.

Technologies such as energy storage and voltage optimisation can be integrated with renewable generation technology to bolster efficiency and resilience, whilst maximising renewable energy to eliminate the need to export or burn off excess generation, which can be stored for use when generation is struggling to meet demand.

A cleaner future for UK businesses

Join Powerstar’s energy industry experts online on 6th November 2019 for a free informative webinar exploring how businesses can extract maximum value from renewable energy as it becomes increasingly prevalent as part of the UK’s energy mix.

Whilst the UK Government continues to be criticized for its emphasis on the importance of a renewable future not being matched by action[2], the private sector is being called upon to take action.

Businesses of all descriptions are expected to update their operations to be more considerate towards the environment and the long-term sustainability objectives of the planet, and many UK businesses are already stepping up to the task, with renewable share of electricity generation increasing to 35.8% of the mix in Q1 2019.[3]

Join the webinar and learn how the transition to cleaner energy can be made simple and lucrative for businesses across the UK.

Why attend?

  • Discuss the challenges associated with the rapid increase in renewable energy and how it affects businesses of all sizes
  • Discover how to maximise renewable generation for your business, reducing energy costs and boosting green credentials
  • Learn about the smart energy technologies available to integrate with renewable generation assets for a future-proof solution
  • Explore real life applications of maximising renewable generation and the benefits available
  • Discover the cost and environmental benefits behind implementing smart energy strategies, and how these technologies can be implemented without financial risk.





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